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Drilling Equipment Application

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To be honest, drilling equipment is applied in various areas. What we usually know is that the drilling equipment is in application to extract oil, natural gases and mineral deposits. Usually, vacuum degasser is used to remove gas from the drilling fluids. Moreover, the drilling equipment can also used to extract rocks and other material. And our tunnel construction also applies the drilling equipment as well as the subway and a network of plumbing.

1. It is easy for us to find the drilling equipment in the oil platform and offshore oil rigs and other sea or land-based large structures. Nevertheless, drilling equipments are able to be applied in other areas in a small form, which enables it easier to move to different places by a truck. This small equipment is also used to explore mineral and soil. Even the large drilling equipment can be moved by a truck if you disassemble it. When you arrive at the place, you unload the drilling equipment and assemble it, which needs much more time and labor and money. The large drilling equipment has its own advantages. It has the capability of breaking through several thousand meters’ earth crust. Because of that, it can find more and more material that is rare in the land.

2. When we mention the drilling equipment, the first application across our mind is in the petroleum drilling industry. We use the VSM shaker to identify geologic reservoirs and to make holes to enable the extraction of oil or natural gases out of the reservoirs.

Besides, the mining drilling industry cannot work without the drilling equipments that are applied to explore where the minerals are and how good its quality is. In fact, the drilling equipment can also involve in the mining production-cycle. The mining drilling industry uses various kinds of frilling equipments based on the expected aims, such as production and tunneling.

3. Do you know the history of the drilling equipment? Actually, the drilling equipment was applied in the Song Dynasty in China. At that time, the drilling equipment was used to dig a well that is also one of its applications. People of the Song Dynasty also used it to extract salt. The water well drilling equipment can also be used in geothermal air-conditioning project or boreholes. And it is good at drilling at the mountain area and rock formation water engineering. The depth of this kind of drilling equipment is 30 to 200 meters. Other drilling equipment is as deep as 600 meters like the equipment for core sample.

To reach a conclusion, it is easy to find that drilling equipment has many applications such as soil test, core sample and well drilling and so on. And there are a growing number of drilling equipments are applicable in many rocky sites to help people to achieve their aims.

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