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Drill Auxiliary Equipment and Drilling Technology

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Almost all the linkage of the drill machine is equipped with a small air compressor and electric air compressor with gas storage equipment. For the gas control device, pneumatic clutch, and pneumatic motor, pneumatic tools and so on. Provide the gas source and power with desilter and desander. Mud storage devices complete mud circulating system usually has a set of mud storage devices, such as sedimentation tank, suction tank, and storage tanks.

Drilling instrumentation system can be single refers to an indicator, also can include a variety of instruments which show the desilter advantages. Such as drilling parameter meter, mud slurry surface records, tong torque table, mud pump pressure gauge and recorder and so on. The mechanical brakes, brake assist, and other facilities.

Well control equipment for oil and gas Wells pressure control equipment, manifold and special tools for instrument is in the process of drilling, and well control desilter or desander to ensure safety in production of important equipment.

Formed by using drilling fluid the oil flows through the bit nozzle bottom hole cleaning with desilter advantages, high pressure jet fully free cuttings from repeated cutting. And the mechanical action joint rock, thus improve the penetration rate of drilling technology called jet drilling technology. From the bit nozzle jet has the very high jet velocity, bottom hole can get great impact and water power, effectively purify the bottom hole cleaning. At the same time with the help of the jet impact pressure and flowing horizontal pushing effect, make the mechanical drilling rate is greatly increased.

Drift refers to the borehole axis deviation from the vertical line of desilter and desander. Packed whole drilling tools can effectively prevent deviation. Need restoring after drift, restoring method has two kinds. One kind is restoring the pendulum method; it is the use of "pendulum" principle of restoring a method, by using the dedicated and assembly. And the corresponding technical measures to increase the pendulum force reduction, in order to balance and overcome the deviation of formation stress. Another way to use the power drill with bent sub or combination of curved pipe assembly deflection contrary to the original deviation, in order to achieve the goal of restoring with the desilter.

It is the help of some kind of deflecting tools and in conjunction with the certain technology measures of the desilter and desander that make the work. To make the hole along the layer design of borehole trajectory to drill in advance reach the goal of drilling method called directional drilling. Directional well deflection method with downhole drill motors deflection, rotary drill deflection and slope drill deflection.

Using special coring tools and some technical measures, underground rock will be taken to the surface of a drilling process with the desilter advantages. Coring tools include core bit, core barrel and core gripper, check valve, centralizer and suspension bearing accessories and so on. Well completion methods generally divided into two categories, casing completion and open hole completion, a total of six ways of casing perforation completion, tail pipe perforation completion, early open hole completion and open hole completion stage and screen completion and gravel pack completion.

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