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Do You Know the Wide Desander Application?

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Desander is a kind of high desanding equipment used in oil field of crude oil with gathering and transferring system. The device can be installed according to the oil production wellhead, metering station, transfer station and the joint station of process to solve high sand caused by crude oil pipeline corrosion. The oil pump and dewatering equipment congestion and other issues can also be solved. The desander application usually forms a complete set of this equipment and sand washing device which can realize integration of washing sand to achieve the goal of recovery of crude oil and protect the environment. The desander always supports the use of the oil field sand oil gathering and transportation technology ideal products.

The pipeline of desander can also be used for small water supply and wastewater treatment engineering of sand removal. And it also adapts to the oil and gas gathering and transferring system by dealing with water in the urban water supply system from the water supply tube which contains a small amount of sand. By the way, sand deposition in the pipe of the desander tank and various structures can bring certain harm to the system and the device can be used to remove the water in the sand instead of grit chamber.

The desander consists of a fluid separator, sand bucket, composition of liquid and liquid level controller. The fluid inside the separator adopts multilevel wing assembly to install a precession in front fluid orifice type drag head and cloth. Sand oil via precession drag head after entering desander will turn into the fluid orifice and multistage wing plate assembly. At this point, oil sludge sand under the action of fluid power is up to grade wing plate and it is suitable partition with a set of sand hopper body outside. When liquid is carried in gas collected by catching liquid and liquid level controller to the period after process, it can prevent the gas interference effect.

In addition to the sand washing process, it is divided into three parts. Firstly it will send the sand with hydrocyclone desander and centrifugal force generated by the density with difference between the liquid and sand of different separation will be carried out on the sand box which is isolated after the separation of the liquid to the pipeline.

Opened to filling water valve, water filling sand box to regulation water level will start the washing sand pump. The desander will first open the bypass using the pump and arrangements in sand jet nozzle for cleaning sand at the bottom and then it will close the bypass make washing sand pump . The desander will ascend into the sand and water mixture to wash the sand hydrocyclone separation. The sand water will be back to the sand box to lay aside the sand pit or other storage facilities.

In the process of desander application, sand box will inevitably have a certain amount of oil. Besides, in the process of the floating in the oil and water through the overflow weir above the overflow room, the lift pump in the overflow indoor will increase more oil-water mixture into the pipeline. When it sets high and low liquid level switch, the desander can realize automatic and manual control pump operation function. When in the process of oil well sand, sand caused by fluid will flow into the sand box when the liquid level rises to a higher level. And in the case of unattended, lift pump will automatically start. When the liquid level falls to a low level, stop the pump automatically.

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