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Do You Know the Mud Cleaner’s Characteristics

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Mud cyclone cleaner is demanding and desalting cyclone and underflow vibrating screen, three for one, is also called the demanding and desalting machine is suitable for oil and gas drilling fluid solid control system , is used to separate the vibrating screen after the processing of solid phase particles in drilling fluid.

Mud cleaner is secondary and tertiary of mud cleaner characteristics drilling mud solids control equipment, it is a set of demand cyclone and a set of combined delisting hydro cyclone on a vibrating screen, can quickly take away harmful solid phase of drilling fluid, rally drilling fluid performance, to meet the necessities of the new technology of high pressure jet drilling.

It deals with the process of drilling fluid is divided into two steps: the first step is the cyclone separation of drilling fluid into the bottom of the overflow of the low density and high density flow.

The second king cobra screen step is super fine sieve separating the high density of bottom flow into two parts. Part, barite, and other smaller than the particles through the sieve mesh, the other part is greater than the mesh of the particles from sieve tail exhaust.

Screen is in commonly 0.160/0. 090 ~ 0.045/ 0.032 (100 ~ 325 mesh). The capacity of cleaner is the capacity of its upper cyclone. Cleaner model according to its bottom in the form of vibrating screen generally has two kinds of rectangular and circular.

The working principle of mud cleaner and mud cleaner characteristics:

Mud after a cyclone demanding device or mud cyclone separation, the overflow return mud solid control system, its bottom flow further screening process by the vibrating screen, may, when necessary, the vibrating screen with mud cleaner vibrating screen as a former level.

Mud cleaner main structure:

1. The main structure of mud cleaner using upper and lower two pieces of decorate, cyclone desander, desilter is decorated in the upper, the base is equipped with the chute, decorate a shale shaker on the chute, the structure is compact, small footprint area of the mud cleaner characteristics;

2. The demander and desalted main into the pipe and the liquid between a control butterfly valve, can at any time adjust the demander and king cobra screen desalted job number, the operation is simple, easy to maintain;

3. The special polyurethane cyclone choose wear-resisting material, has good corrosion resistance and high resistance to fluid flush advantages;

4. The inlet tangential feeding, smooth transition, is conducive to improve the efficiency of separation, the inner surface is smooth, reasonable flow;

5. Different number of the king cobra screen and mud cleaner and can according to user requirements of cyclone demanding and delisting cyclone.

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