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Do You Know the Characteristics of Shaker Screen?

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Shaker screen like king cobra screen and brant screen is nowadays growing more and more popular in the industry world. The shaker screen noise is frequently increased than 90db (a)when it is in the regular screening procedures, this exceeds health criteria of environmental noise 85db (a) and market normal zbd95001 --- 87 provisions 90db (a). This has severely affected the employees' body condition, so attracted men and women's interest. The investigation final results are: paste damping on the sides, paint damping or use constrained damping layer; replace the side panel with a steel frame; use rubber sieve bottom and polyurethane sieve bottom or plastic substance bag strip. Also it includes the followings of offer damper or sense of balance mass on the eccentric shaft; polyurethane cushion among the bearing and the bearing external ring; replace the steel equipment with a versatile pieces of plate supplies.

It is noteworthy that bearing is the primary supply of vibration noise supply that the shaker screen is complicated to handle. Because shaker rely a wonderful incentive force to maintain the performance, so bearings to withstand big radial force. If the lubrication is bad, it will have a big friction, creates the bearing temperatures so large, the thermal expansion is so big, so the radial clearance will appreciably decrease. Which in turn exacerbated the wear up to even more enhance. To this finish shaker now frequently use a big bearing clearance, this kind of as 3g 3624 bearings. Yet, because of to the bigger radial clearance, it decrease the organic volume of the radial bearing program. But also raises the probability of rolling out soon after be disturbed and its effect ferrule energy. Therefore growing the vibration of the large volume portion, generate a powerful large-volume noise. Theoretical and experimental evaluation exhibits that: the use of hollow bearing has much better noise decline.

Efficient screening technique that can enhance the efficacy of shaker screen and manufacturing potential. There are two primary factors research perform in this place.

1.The theoretical design of substance proceed on the screen surface area. Create a correct and useful substance screening principle. It is vital for rational picking shaker dynamics and kinematics. Extra representative of the screen surface area substance movement theories are: solo-particle substance beating on the screen surface area design principle; substance team on the shake screen surface area collision design principle; substance team vibration principle and mobile layer principle.

2.Movement evaluation of the substance in the screen surface area. There are two movement evaluation techniques of substance in the screen surface area. One is bottom on a solo particle bounce principle, acquire kinematic parameters of the theoretical typical rate of the substance, then in accordance with the experimental final results to introduce into the substances team interaction coefficient to be repaired. The other is the use of collision principle, placed forward substances team kinematic parameters. In order to avoid substance clogging the sieve opening, men and women have done unremitting review.

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