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Do You Know What the Centrifugal Pump Advantages Are

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Centrifugal pump are used in many products both industrial and daily applications. Centrifugal pump has a lot of distinct advantages. We take the 518 centrifuge as an example. Firstly, the design of 518 centrifuge is simple. The centrifugal pump is made up of impeller, pump body, pump shaft, bearing, seal ring and stuffing box. It has a room with an inlet and outlet. The impeller is installed in the room rotating inside to move liquid. Because of its simple design, centrifugal pump needs less floor space than any other type of pumps of equal capacity, such as reciprocating drilling equipment. The second point of centrifugal pump advantages is its impeller has a more smooth rotating motion that can work more efficient. The third advantage of centrifugal pump is that it has a relative longer maintenance time which means it can work for a very long time before any repair is needed. Because the centrifugal pump is designed simply, it has fewer moving parts. If the machine needs some repair, it costs less time and money. Besides, the centrifugal pump has a compact structure which is convenient to move from one place to another. The fifth point of centrifugal pump advantages is that it can be applied into dealing with mildly corrosive liquid. Corrosive liquid can easily corrode the metal material. But the centrifugal pump is made of special materials which have resistance to mildly corrosive liquid. It contributes to the machine’s service time. Sixthly, the centrifugal pump has several selections of control which is easier for the operator. Even a new operator can learn how to operate the machine quickly. Last but not least, the flow of the centrifugal pump is well-distributed, and it revolves stably. Moreover, it has small vibration, so there is no need to have special shock absorption equipment for centrifugal pump. Thanks to the magic of modern high-technology, the usage of centrifugal pump is quite common in municipal pipeline, subway engineering, tap-water factory, no negative pressure device, chemical plants, power plants, coal mine. The sewage treatment station industries such as water supply system, mud cleaner, and heating and ventilation system also widely use centrifugal pump. Except in industries, centrifugal pump are also commonly used in washers, dishwashers and automobile engines and is used to keep swimming pools clean as well and even to fuel our vehicles when we fill up our cars with gas at gas stations. In a word, centrifugal pump has a very close relationship with our lives.

Centrifugal pump gets so popular not by chance. The points of the centrifugal pump advantages we mentioned above can be certainly considered as the reasons of its popularity. As the development of modern science and technology, the centrifugal pump is bound to become the most popular centrifuge.

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