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Do You Know What is The Rig Crew?

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The rig crews are usually experienced workers equipped with professional drilling knowledge. The drilling crew consists of a tool pusher, a driller, and several roughnecks and roustabouts. Both of them need to master different kind of knowledge and skills. So that, the whole rig crew can perform their roles.

The tool pusher is the leader of the whole rig crew. He should be in charge of the whole drilling progress. He have to draw up a plan for the whole team before the activity, assign tasks for all members and monitor the whole drilling process. Of course, as a toolpusher, he must possess the ability of leadership, communication and judgment. And the most important quality the toolpusher need is responsibility.

A driller is the man in charge of the drilling work. He should use different kind of drilling equipment. Drillers are the people responsible for drilling, sampling and pore-forming. Their main work is to create a hole through the earth by using the drill bit.

The derrick man is responsible for the mud-processing. He need to measures mud density the whole process and add water or something else to it from time to time. So that we can keep the mud density at a appropriate level.

The motorman is someone who responsible for patrol. A motorman must be careful and patient. He should keep the post while others doing the drilling work. At the same time, it’s his responsibility to make sure the electromechanical device function well.

And several roughnecks can help a lot while there are some heavy physical work. They are usually semiskilled and work on the jobs which require less skill. However, when work in a rig crew, the labor is quite important. They can contribute a lot in some difficult conditions.

A roustabout also do not need to equipped with much drilling tech, but he must be a experienced roustabout. He needs to do some peripheral tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, mending and so on. Although a roustabout does not have much to do with the drilling work, he can make the drilling ship more clean and tidy. And the favorable environment can improve the work efficiency.

Although, not all the members need to use drilling equipment to drill for oil or gas, all of them contribute a lot to the work. And with all the members of the crew working together, the drilling operation can be carried on smoothly.

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