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Do You Know How to Use Shale Shaker?

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Along with the development of the coal preparation technology and the growth of coal demand, the demand of large processing equipment is very big, especially in dense medium coal preparation plant process system, the great demand of large vibrating screen. That has implications for how to use brandt shaker. Large coal classification and raw coal mine sieving dry depth also need large vibrating screen. Therefore, the research, design and manufacture of large vibrating screen have become an important research topic will introduce the related shale shaker professionals tips. If you don't know how to use shale shaker, screening the increase of the mechanical structure, the screen body dynamic load was increased, leading to sieve the lack of structure strength and stiffness, cause the screen body deformation is too large, side plate cracking, beam fracture, which leads to welding crack, so how to use shale shaker will seriously affect the service life of the sieve machine. So, must carry on the analysis and study of vibrating screen with different structure, development of new type structure of the vibrating screen, to adapt to the demands of the development of large-scale popularity but also how to use shale shaker related knowledge.

Understanding of the shale shaker professional tips can help to master how to use shale shaker. First, a structure, if the counteracting force and internal force of each cross section can't be determined by the static equilibrium conditions only, is called the statically indeterminate structure. The structure in industrial and civil buildings and large span bridges has a typical structure of many mature. Statically indeterminate structure has redundant constraints, and the unknown force surplus, so the internal force status is determined by the equilibrium condition can not only, must also consider the deformation conditions. From resistance to sudden failure protection to analyze how to use shale shaker, compared with a statically determinate structure, the statically indeterminate structure when the redundant constraint is destroyed, and structure is still the geometrical variations, there are certain carrying capacity, so the structure has strong protection ability.

Domestic and foreign scholars have been studying how to use shale shaker. Due to the physical characteristics of different crops, harvested crops need to adjust the amplitude of the vibrating screen and vibrating direction, but vibration shovel screen one excavator in physical properties of different harvest crops, can't adjust the amplitude of the vibrating screen and vibrating direction. An excavator vibration amplitude and vibration direction of the vibrating screen can be adjusted with the six bar linkage, but because of the agency for the flat structure, so only on the amplitude of vibrating screen and vibrating direction plane adjustment.

This paper designed a kind of four degrees of freedom parallel mechanism as the main body of the vibrating derrick shaker, the space can be realized and the amplitude of the vibration direction adjustment, to adapt to different crops, different vibration direction and amplitude of the need to change. How to use shale shaker is briefly introduced in the following part.

Although one translational and two rotational parallel mechanism can realize the idea of vibrating screen, but increase the movement of the Y direction can be made on the vibrating screen can not only realize movement, but also before and after the implementation of feeding movement, is more advantageous to the cleaning of different crops. Now explain how to use shale shaker. Made the fund of the direction of the moving platform can realize two mobile, and around the two axis of rotation direction. The movement and rotation of amplitude and frequency can be achieved by controlling four active parts (slider) movement, according to the need for regulation. The agency's branch has certain symmetry and the partial decoupling control, the positive kinematics solution is relatively simple. On how to use shale shaker, the movement platform has three crack. Three constitute a flat, stable. The pry out in actual engineering, can be used as vibration excavator vibrating screen, control of four in this mechanism to drive the schedule is too small, can adjust the amplitude of the vibrating screen.

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