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Do You Know How to Use Desilter

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What is desilter? Is there any connection between desilter and 518 centrifuge? Do you know how to use desilter and 518 centrifuge?

Dust collector in the use of the time there are many places need to be aware of:

Used to prevent the gas in bag indoor cooling below the dew point, especially under negative pressure, more attention should be paid to how to use desilter.Because of its shell will often have to leak into the air, bag room temperature is lower than the dew point of gas and filter bag can be affected with damp be affected with damp, the dust is not loose, but thick paste adhesive on the filter bag, the fabric pore blocking, invalidate ash removal, the filter pressure drop is too big, can't continue to run, some paste bag dust removal to the average.


1. The new mud cleaner used for the first time or after the move first before use must remove the screen box lock bolt.

2. Cyclone when stopped for a long time, please clean with clear water cycle, prevent dry sand inside the cyclone deposited.

3. Vibration motor note a grease 1500 ~ 2500 hours each time, each bearing oil quantity is 5 ~ 10 ml.

4. After downtime should cleaning sieve, lest sediment dry solid, cannot be used next time.

weekly inspection maintenance

1) transmission oil Check the gear box oil pool every day.When it is necessary to add Dexron III transmission fluid (or equivalent).

2) at the top of the flushing device A week of deaerator vacuum chamber to wash, wash hard block in the vacuum degasser on the vacuum chamber.Use a sufficient number of water flushing the upper chamber and the impeller.

Flush on the end cover, disconnect the vacuum hose at the top of, open the 1 "ball valves, with high pressure water washing, 5 minutes to connect the vacuum hose, and close the 1" ball valve, continue to use.Mud treatment part of flushing.

Deaerator power cut-off, move to observe parts of a cover plate and cushion, to check whether there is other stuff inside, such as not circulation, untreated cloth, bags, gloves, ropes, etc.Check the "float", using high pressure water washing inside each part carefully.

From the open torque openings in turn water into daughter and suction.

3) other maintenance Every work 1000 hours to replace oil and clean or replace filter assembly.

Lubricating oil type hydraulic fluid for Dexron III (or equivalent), oil capacity. Quantity is 2 gallons (7.4 liters) and its level is about 25/64 "on the cover over the glass. Start at once a day.

Now, most people should know how to use desilter. If you still have problems about how to use desilter, you can find more information on the internet.

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