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Do You Know How to Protect Shaker Screen?

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Is the use of a responding rotary shaker shaking transducer excitation rising from the work? Vibrator on the screen surface to produce rotating weight makes the plane swing vibration, and the lower rotating weight makes the King cobra screen surface to produce conical rotary vibration, which makes the consequence of the mutual effects of the screen shallow to produce complex rotary -type shaking. Its vibration is a composite spatial flight bend. This curve is a circular projection in a horizontal plane and in the vertical plane of projection is an oval. Regulatory agencies, rotary hammer excitation force can change the amplitude on how to protect shaker screen. Adjustment, phase Viewpoint under the mallet on the space, you can alteration the shape of the curve of the superficial of the screen and alteration the flight of the trajectory of screen surface materials.

The screening surface of the material is at a constant speed to move toward the discharge end, while the material obtained fraction. Likened with the some shaking sieve is relatively high transmission efficiency and output. The disadvantage is that the power balance is poor. General plant rarely uses it, and be replaced by a more rational structure how to protect shaker screen .

Equipment in the factory and no assembly required Seiko collection load test, after passing through the examination of the indicators before the factory, so the use of the device shipped to the site, the user should complete equipment packing list and invoice checking the whole machine parts are complete, whether the technical documentation flawed.

Equipment arrived at the scene, not directly resting on the ground, should be placed on a flat smooth sleepers and require distance from the ground not less than 250mm. If stored in the open air, should be extra to the anti- tarpaulin concealment to prevent wind and rain erosion. High frequency vibrating screen

High frequency vibrating screens (frequency king cobra screen ) high efficiency, small amplitude, high screening frequency. And general principles of high-frequency vibration sieve screening equipment is different, due to the high frequency vibrating screen (high frequency screen) using a high-frequency, on the one hand the destruction of the surface tension of pulp and fine materials, high-speed oscillation in the screen surface, accelerating the Useful mineral density and analysis from the role, increasing the probability of a particle size smaller than the separation of materials in contact with the sieve.

Bottle check before running: including health equipment, complete all parts of connecting bolts and tighten, complete, check the exciter in good condition, check the spring of the damage, loss, damage, etc., check whether the belt tensioning device is not broken screen box, King cobra screen is damaged, check whether the debris jam sieve surface is smooth, no damage, loose, check the slot smooth check whether open - beam welding, etc., check the safety equipment on the safe side, check the control box, communications, lighting, sound, earthling protection and reliable, flexible and reliable control button.?

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