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Do You Know How to Install Solid Control Equipment?

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In recent years, the learning of the philosophy of the domestic drilling fluid solids regulator apparatus and manufacturing technology level has larger development, especially in answering the how to install solid control equipment and the aspect of theory research, such as the working principle of vibrating screen, the working principle of cyclone, is near the world's advanced level, but domestic solids control equipment in the performance, life expectancy and solids control equipment abroad have certain gap. That is mainly material, processing technology, processing precision and supporting the use of the quality of the general equipment (such as motor). Domestic small shaker types, future research needs to accelerate drying shaker, shaker crawler analysis equipment. Marine drilling environmental protection is special in working condition of solid control equipment and is suitable for a variety of multifunctional solid control system, etc., which can enrich the type of solids control equipment in our country. And it can answer the how to install solid control equipment question.

Solid control system is used in drilling rig to separate solid were shattered by the bit and drilling fluid on the surface of the trap. Usually, the solid control system is made up of five stages, including the mud tank, vibrating screen, the vacuum takes off angry machine. The Shale rock bed is used for the separation of more than 75 microns diameter solid and 45 ~ 74 microns demander, and 15 to 44 micron mud silt cleaning. If there is no air in the mud, the vacuum takes off angry machine will work as a big mud agitator. All of these devices are installed at the top of the mud tank. After separating solid, clean mud pump again into the hole.

In the oilfield service area industry, engineering services, especially in environmentally sensitive areas. 518 centrifuge drilling centrifuge with all kinds of drilling mud treatment under the condition of meet the requirement of the horizontal screw centrifuge is particularly effective when using, can do precipitation and separation of particles of more than 2 microns. After treatment of sludge can achieve ideal viscosity and density, it can thus get a better recovery, high efficiency, energy-saving, environmental protection, 518 centrifuge horizontal screw centrifuge is a high recovery rate, effectively solids control and significant costs in the reduction of drilling mud supply management. This is a very complex dynamic balancing machine; can and rotating speed range from 0 to 3900 and stable operation, and generate 3000 g centrifugal force.

518 centrifuges are professional manufacturers of solids control equipment. Except one of the horizontal screw centrifuge, 518 centrifuges supply other solids control equipment sales, including vibrating screen, drilling mud demander, mud, mud cleaner, vacuum takes off angry machine, centrifugal pump .

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