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Do You Know How to Install Centrifugal Pump

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Centrifugal Pump is momentous machine in industrial production, water supply, but know how to install centrifugal pump, which is premise before we use centrifugal and exert their effects. Six aspects are comprised:

(1) Preparation before installation
Preparation before installation is the prime installation step for how to install centrifugal pump. The pump should review before settling as following; basal size, location, elevation should meet the design requirements. There should not be missing parts, damage and corrosion and other conditions, such as King cobra screen absence, blocking and the nozzle protector cover should be intact. Plate cars should be flexible, non-blocking, jamming, no abnormal sound.

(2) Pouring the base
Based on usage needs and local water conditions, formulate the unit layout scheme and propose installation of basic requirements, pouring and take other methods to build a good crew fixed base, ready for the installation of the host. Width should be given between the base units of a predetermined adjacent to the aisle before arranging the system program. Therefore, in order to better answer how to install centrifugal pump, requires pouring permanently fixed base, the base can be found in the specification.

(3) Place pump right
The third answer for how to install centrifugal pump refers to the pump is transported to the designated location, perform lifting installation, accurately located on the base ready, and then put the sand pump with nuts, place hot iron under the base underneath to the horizontal ruler preliminary leveling, filling the concrete anchor bolts.

(4) Installation of pipelines
However, piping installation is auxiliary step, but solves the problem of how to install centrifugal pump.
① Clean inner tube and pipe end, keep sealing surfaces and threaded well. Flanged or threaded end face of the axis line should be connected to each other in parallel alignment, should not force the connection.
② After connecting piping and pumps, welding and gas cutting should stop.
③ Piping configuration should press equipment information and design drawings for re-examination, which is also quite important part how to install centrifugal pump better.

(5) Vibration isolation and noise canceling
Next answer for how to install centrifugal pump is isolation and noise canceling. Install flexible rubber bellows joints or metal fittings in the centrifugal pump inlet and outlet pipe. Pipe hanger bracket should adopt a flexible, resilient bracket. In order to create a good vibration effects, complete base isolation, isolation and stent pipeline isolation, the area of absorber, the number of layer, type and flexing model fitting must be in accordance with results, etc., those also contribute to better answer how to install centrifugal pump.

(6) Pump commissioning
The last step for how to install centrifugal pump is to adjust the machine under the premise of ensuring safety, sensibility and reliance in the electrical control, close the pump outlet valve, gradually start to open with the pump running, and check for abnormalities, pump operation, the gauge number and so on.

Above aspects are able to do, then how to install centrifugal pump is no longer a plaguing for us.

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