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Do You Know About Solid Control Equipment Working Principle

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Before 1998, some of the solid control equipment are imported in our country. Even though the structure is compact and the effect is good, the price is expensive and it is hard to purchase accessories. Under the action of the market, some domestic manufacturers started to develop solid control equipment with certain functions. Now we will state the solid control equipment working principle in terms of some certain type.

Solid control equipment working principle of directional drill mud

Mud solid control technology is the principle and technique of solid particles in the mud. Eliminate harmful solids in the mud through solid control technology. Save the useful solids and satisfy the requirements of mud property.

Basic working principle of solid control equipment

Solid-phase isolation follows Stokes theorem. It illustrates the mathematical relationship of spherical particles free setting in the liquid. It is the fundamental formula of using gravity field to separate.

Common working principles of domestic solid control equipment with directional drill

The development time of directional drill is not so long in the world. It doesn’t have its own well-established system. In domestic, there are mainly three methods, dilution, sediment and mechanical removal.

Solid control equipment working principles in horizontal directional drilling crossing

The choice of system mainly according to the following principles:

1. The type and size of particles which need to be eliminated or controlled.

2. The quality of mud which needs maintenance when passing through.

3. The power of the drilling machine. The clearance rate and circulation rate of solids.

Other solid control equipment working principles need to be considered

The above introduced is the more frequently used system in the world. Every crossing engineer has its own features. Besides the above three principles, we should consider factors such as construction cost, environmental requirements and regulations.

At present, solid control equipment working principle is worth mentioning. I hope we can reduce the wear of solid control equipment through the above working principles and applicable methods.

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