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Different Types of the Mud Agitator

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In order to meet the requirements of different stirring, it is possible to choose different mud agitator according to different working condition. The common mud agitators are as follow.

Its structure is similar to propeller impeller of the steamship which is commonly made up with three paddles. The push mud agitator type with small diameter has high revolving speed, while large diameter has low revolving speed, which makes sure that the materials can circularly flow inside of the reaction still.

The second one is the turbo mud agitator type, which has two kinds, open kind as well as disk type. And its paddles have straight blade and curve blade. And the stirring blade is welded by disk and connected with bolts. The turbo mud agitator type is able to make the liquid flow uniformly transforming vertical movement into horizontal movement. The liquid from the turbo will scatter following the tangential direction of the circular motion to lead to intense stirring inside of the whole liquid volume. There are many mud agitator industries manufacture turbo mud agitator type, and among those the brant screen has the largest reputation and is well known to people due to its good quality.

The next one is the liquid mud agitator. This is a kind of agitator with simple structure and manufacturing. There are totally two blades with horizontal and hinge installation ways. The horizontal blade is that the surface of the blade is vertical to the rotation direction, while the hinge is that the blade forms an inclination angle with the rotation direction.

Another one is frame and anchor mud agitator type. The frame mud agitator type can be regarded as the transformation of paddle mud agitator type with horizontal blade linking to vertical blade, forming rigid frame with solid structure. When the bottom shape of the paddle mud agitator type is similar to the shape of the shell cover of the reaction still, it is called the anchor mud agitator type. Sometimes in order to enlarge the stirring range, it is possible to increase vertical blade and beam.

The famous brand of the mud agitator is brant screen mud agitator, while the famous mud agitator type is ribbon mud agitator. This kind of mud agitator is exclusively used in stirring of liquid with high viscosity. The ribbon mud agitator is made through winding in spiral shape according to some certain screw pitch. The outer edge is designed closely to the inside wall of the kettle, so it is possible to scrape the materials sticking to the wall of the kettle.

Of course there are many other mud agitator types to meet different working requirements. Therefore, when choosing the mug agitator, apart from considering the brand of the mud agitator, manufacturing material of the mud agitator such as brant screen, it is also possible to consider different mud agitator types.

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