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Different Types of the Centrifuge

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Centrifuge as important industrial devices, its application scope and wide, widely used in chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, dressing, coal, water treatment and shipping department. Now, let us look at the classification of centrifuge. There are de-1000 decanter centrifuge, 518 centrifuge and so forth.

One, according to the velocity: low speed centrifuge, high-speed centrifuge, centrifuge speed.

1, low speed centrifuge: centrifuge whit the highest speed of less than 10 000r/min. Low speed centrifuge which is differentfrom518 centrifuge can be widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, immunology, blood and other fields. It is the type used for conventional centrifugal sedimentation laboratory instrument.

2, high speed centrifuge: dividing line speed is 10000r/min, the centrifuge the rotate speed ≥ 10000r/min called high speed centrifuge; speed of <10000r/min is called low speed centrifuge. So all of the high speed centrifuge which is unlike the 518 centrifuge speed is above 10000r/min. High speed centrifuge belongs to normal laboratory centrifuge, widely used in biological, chemical, pharmaceutical, other scientific research and production departments, and is suitable for the rapid separation of trace samples synthesized.

3, ultracentrifuge centrifuge: centrifuge maximum speed of not less than 30000r/min. Ultracentrifugation technology is indispensable for molecular biology, biochemical research and industrial production. For example, the 518 centrifuge has been widely used in petrochemical industry.

Two, according to the structure and separation requirements, there are two kinds of industrial centrifuges, filtering centrifuges and centrifuge.

1, filtering centrifuges: separation centrifugal separates the suspension component by centrifugal filtration method, 518 centrifuges is filtering centrifuge. In the filter centrifuge drum wall, there are many holes. Differed from the 518 centrifuge, filter centrifuge drum wall is covering the surface of the filter media. Suspension is added rotating with the drum, then produce drum centrifugal pressure, the suspension liquid flows through the filter media under pressure and out the drum wall holes, solids are trapped in the filter medium surface, so as to realize the separation of solid and liquid. Centrifugal force the suspension liquid produce in a rotary drum is thousands of times of the force of gravity, the filtering process can be strengthened to accelerate the filtering speed and obtain low moisture content. For the solid particles larger than 0.01 mm suspension, generally use filtration centrifuge.

2, sedimentation centrifuge: this centrifuge which is different from the 518 centrifuge is a new type one, it work on the principle of solid - liquid specific gravity, and rely on the centrifugal force field to expand the thousands of times. The sedimentation of solid under the centrifugal force realizes the solid-liquid separation, and the solids are discharged in the special mechanism. The whole feed and separation process is continuous, closed and automatically.

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