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Development of Solid Control System

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Foreign development of drilling fluid solid control system basic has experienced several times, before the 1950 s, people also do not pay attention to use to clear the drilling fluid machinery, since the 1950 s, the United States began using transport belt type drilling sieve and drilling fluid Brandt shaker to clear away the cuttings in the drilling fluid. In 1954, the development of solid control system is remained negligible by the centrifuge. Foreign part oilfield began using cuttings removal of centrifuge; this kind of centrifuge was originally used in food processing, in terms of drilling fluid purification, to remove colloid and fine silt shape of fine cuttings favorable. The development of solid control system in 1962 is also prominent, foreign oil field adopted 4 inches desalting cone cyclone separator, it can handle heavier drilling fluid and mud is used to remove more fine cuttings. In mid sixties, thin hole drilling fluid Brandt shaker, the drilling fluid purifying work from due to dilution or put away all drilling costs. In 1973, super fine sieve drilling fluid filter, this device to increase drilling fluid treatment effect is remarkable.

Abroad in nearly a decade, the development of solid control system is mainly from the two levels of processing (with drilling fluid first Brandt preprocessing of shaker with cyclone separator for fine processing) become a tertiary treatment (with Brandt drilling fluid shaker and medium size after processing, the cyclone separator with a small size of the cyclone separator for fine processing). In recent years, the development of solid control system has undergone a great reform, mainly displays in the renewal of the equipment improvement, type of increase and improve the quality of our equipment performance, some foreign companies or manufacturers also according to the needs of drilling engineering, some special solids control equipment is developed. The overseas development of solid control system, on the one hand, performance in solids control equipment constantly updated to improve, continuously improve performance. On the other hand performance on the combination of the solid phase process, according to the different working conditions and working environment, choose different equipment and equipment configuration, to meet the requirements of drilling engineering and improve the effect of solids control. In the research and development of solid control system, according to the requirement of the production and environmental protection of selecting the corresponding equipment for special and unusual composite applications, in order to obtain the best solid control effect. Abroad mainly the development of solid control system focus on solid phase control system design and choice, the main design scheme are: all kinds of processing equipment composition as a whole, is the complete set of combination device, by a number of multilayer Brandt shaker, cyclone desander, desilter and centrifuge, desecrator, press with manifold design position co combination, adapted to form a complete set of drill, the structure can cuttings from the drilling fluid circulation system effectively.

China's development of solid control equipment started relatively late and the specific application.50 s, basic no ground drilling fluid solid control system, in addition to the introduction of the performance of the poor by the former Soviet union and Romania non-equilibrium tilting elliptical, there is no other solids control equipment. In the early 80 s to 80 s, drilling industry in China's development of solid control system presents the flowers blooming in the situation; our country has become some of the world mainly engaged in the production of solids control equipment of the company's booth. Also brought opportunity to our country's petroleum science and technology workers, make their comparative advantages and conditionally, complement each other, and independently carry out the research activity, for our country after the mid - 80s of the development of solid control system laid a good foundation. At present, China's oil drilling solids control equipment in the overall level of manufacturing technology compared with international advanced level, there is still a large gap in technology generally experienced a generic drilling equipment in the introduction, absorption, digestion and abroad technology developed on the basis of the two phases.

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