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Development of Drilling Equipment

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Exploration of drilling equipment reserves in order to effect the formation of deep drilling equipment first Jue Festival and its development for exploration and exploitation of oil reserves in the deep strata of the Su- I gas, one must use a variety of drilling each set and tools to drill through hard undone Upon formation. This is the main task of drilling work. Put it more exactly the point, is that people give full play to the initiative, based on the gradual formation of knowledge and grasp the machine's performance and the law on the sharp angle to the ground to fight the machine. One of the most active people is the most active factor, and machinery and equipment are weapons struggle. With the need to send waste production and technology, with different formations, drilling methods and equipment they use are constantly evolving, broadly j: true is divided into four stages: stage of Centrifugal Pump development drilling and impact drilling equipment undecided down hole rotary drilling wells drilling started J91 -inch drill bit physical death using a method of drilling the initial impact drilling decisions that impact tool with a hard rock, and then remove the tube with sand rock fishing.

J limited impact due to the weight of the drill used in this method can be caused by too small, and the impact of low frequency, bailing very time development of VSM shaker consuming, and can not be both at the same time, productivity is very low. Increased with the increase of the number of drilling a well Luan Yu, impact drilling and production requirements have a great contradiction. In order to improve productivity, people driven rotary crushing rock drill with a drill, so you can drill through development of drilling equipment pressurized to drill with greater energy. In order to promptly remove the rock, and from within the drill pipe may pass into J: “You carry liquid layer, so there has been a complete rotary drilling methods. With the need to move D -speed drilling requirements, must pass drill ". But it also limited the strength of the drill pipe and drill pipe rotation Guan consume a lot of energy, passenger accident prone, the j: really went into - further raised the possibility of using other forms of energy into the bottom of the problem. So development of drilling equipment without rotating the drill pipe to catch the eddy, Su Han drilling method will quickly develop a device, currently in the Soviet Union had become major drilling methods. Currently drilling work directly broken rock drill leaves, due to wear has become a key to improving faster drilling speed, so in recent years has appeared in a variety of physical drilling method without oil drill whole network of excellence.

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