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Details on Decanter Centrifuge Application

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Chengdu west petroleum equipment co., ltd sequence decanter centrifuge is utilized in separating suspension of solids stage with particle diameter(d≥2μm) for drilling mud and fluids managing. Ruggedly constructed for oilfield and commercial providers, it is particularly efficient in delicate places. It delivers higher fluid-recovery speed and effective solids handle to considerably decrease the expenses of make-up fluids and disposal. The centrifuge should analyze the strong harmony for smooth procedure over lengthy periods. Rate ranging from 0 to 3900 rpm, producing centrifugal forces could be up to 3000g.

Decanter centrifuge usage attributes:

1. Revolutionary pattern consists of lengthier bowl for accelerated retention time, producing in drier solids and finer minimize factors

2. Huge bowl huge quantity, higher G force obtainable

3. Stainless metal bowl, scroll, compartment and cover resist corrosion and supply lengthy services existence.

4. Tungsten carbide scroll factors with broad spacing flights at tapered end produce a finer layer of conveyed solids for steady, uniform separation and optimum solids handle performance.

5. German fag or Sweden SKF brand name bearings

6. Electric elements: Siemens/Schneider Atex or Iec ex for choice.

7. Screw pump & centrifugal pump feeding pump choice obtainable to satisfy distinctive app.

Chengdu west petroleum equipment co., ltd decanter centrifuge like de-1000 decanter centrifuge can satisfy with distinctive specifications of mud therapy below many drilling problems that can do sedimentation and separation for particles a lot more than 2 um. Right after therapy, the mud can obtain perfect viscosity and proportion, outcomes in far better recycling, higher performance, saving and surroundings safeguard.

The sequence of decanter centrifuge types by our corporation has been produced many years with the steady enhancement and optimization pattern, which possesses the qualities of beneficial end result of separation and settlement and big volume, trustworthy function, lengthier existence, reduced vitality usage, simple upkeep, smooth procedure, reduced noises, and so forth

To be sure that the efficient therapy end result and lengthy services existence, the imperative elements like the stack sizer adopts higher excellent stainless metal, forging product, strengthen heat therapy and rigid handle digesting. And on every single elements that effortlessly wear carry spraying put on-resisting layer and mosaic of difficult alloy and so forth. The overflow of the primary drum mouth making use of adjustable poling board, it can be adjusted at any time in accordance to distinctive sludge therapy.

To satisfy the specifications of the improvement of contemporary drilling engineering, Chengdu west petroleum equipment co., ltd produced and equipped with the explosion-evidence variable volume handle method which could adjust separation aspect and drum rotational speed. By these new technologies, we make the centrifuge to adapt home altering of mud throughout the procedure and make the therapy a lot more efficient and best.

A VFD (variable frequency drive) module monitors and handles equally the primary and back electrical drives. The operator can control bowl and scroll speeds by way of a touchscreen that also screens input from the many sensors, which includes temperatures, rotational speed and vibration.

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