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Details About The Drilling Platform

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When we carry on oil drilling activity in the sea, the drilling equipment which weigh hundreds of tons need enough support and space. At the same time, the rooms for rig crew are needed as well. The offshore oil drilling platform can undertake this important responsibility. Because of the frequent change of the climate in the ocean and the damage caused by stormy waves, the stability and safety of the drilling equipment is particularly important.

The drilling platform is divided into two types: the offshore drilling platform and the onshore drilling platform. And they are both in charge of the rig manager or drilling foreman. The offshore drilling platform is used for drilling in the sea. It should be equipped with drilling equipment, power equipment, communication equipment, navigation equipment, and so on. Of course, when drilling in the sea, the safety equipment and life saving appliances must be equipped as well. They may save your life in time of danger.

The offshore drilling platform can be divided into two types, too. One is the mobile platform, and the other is the fixed platform. The mobile platform includes bottom-supported platform, self-elevating platform, drilling ship, semi-submersible platform, tension-leg platform and guyed tower platform. The fixed platform includes Jacket Platform, concrete gravity platform and the deep water compliant tower platform. The fixed platforms are mostly built in the shallow water. They are fixed at the bottom of the sea with the help of jacket. They underlaid the board on the platform to put drilling equipment. The piles used for supporting the platform are fixed at the bottom of the sea directly, so the platform is of great stability. However, because the offshore drilling platform cannot move, the cost would be high.

To solve the problem of mobility, the drilling ship, a kind of mobile platform appeared. The drilling ship usually place drilling equipment on the power boats or barges. The platform locates by the help of a mooring system or a dynamic positioning system. The drilling ship platform is floating over the sea. Although it can be affected by sea waves easily, it can be modified from existing boats and put to use quickly. Of course, it costs less.

With the development of technology, the offshore drilling tech has become more sophisticated in recently years. It becomes more stable and more secure. And I believe it can surely make great progress in the bright future.

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