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Details About Knowledge of Mud Agitator Maintenance

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Keep mud agitator clean, remove dirt and obstacles on the body. Check the lubrication oil and circuit and control equipment, and lubricate oil according to the requirements. Each time before work, water in the mixing barrel racing for 1 to 2 minutes, and check the reliability of the clutch and brake work. The operation process should always check and listen to the motor, reducer, gear noise is normal, the temperature is too high. Each time after work, should be carefully cleaning mud agitator.

The first level maintenance

The mud agitator needs maintenance after 100h work.

1、Except the content including daily maintenance, still need to be overhauled clutch, check and adjust the brake clearance, such as in the clutch and brake band, too much wear should be replaced. In addition, also need to check the wire rope with sliding bearing, the water distribution system and a walking wheel etc..

2、Check the clearance adjusting mixing blade and scraper and the liner, hopper and discharging sealing and flexible door, wear clutch a graded water system algorithm for normal.

3、Use the concrete mixer chain rotation to check the chain elongation of pitch.

The second level maintenance

This maintenance cycle is generally 700~1500h hours, in addition to a basic maintenance work, should be overhauled motor and reducer, gear, also need to check the machine and a control mechanism of material, clean wheel and steer mechanism etc..

1、Disassembling reducer and gear shaft, the shaft, vomiting and oil channel must be cleaned, check the wear degree of halogen profile surface dismantling is completed, add new gear oil.

2、Dismantling the motor should remove the dust on the stator windings, clean bearings and add new lubricating grease, check and adjust the gap between the stator and rotor.

3、Disassembling and open gear need to clean the gear tooth profile and bearing, check the wear, it should be replaced if was worn.

4、Feeding clutch and brake band, such as excessive wear should be replaced promptly.

5、Frame concrete mixer skew deformation occurred should be repaired or corrected.

6、Disassembling three-way valve, should remove the valve chamber and the interface of the pipeline near the rust and scale to make the water clear.

7、Pairs of specific institutions such as rubber roller, a travel switch, meter, electromagnetic valve should clean according to regular inspection.

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