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Detailed Introduction of Solid Control Equipment

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Here we will give a detailed introduction of solid control equipment .

The choice of the drilling fluid shale shaker is a key to the producing of the solid control equipment. Drilling fluid shale shaker can remove solid phase of drilling fluid in the first level of equipment, and it must be used in the drilling process. And the size range of particles is determined by the use of mesh specifications and its ability to process a rain screen mesh specifications. The smaller screen mesh has greater capacity to remove solid grain which has a smaller size and it can remove the greater the amount of solid phase. Tell from the angle of production, you can see the fine-mesh sieve. From the economic perspective, fine mesh screen life is low. Therefore you should consider the application of laminated sieve. Mechanical laminated sieve and the development of the chemical bonding type laminated sieve can effectively improve the service life of fine-mesh sieve and purification level of drilling fluid shale shaker.

At the beginning of the drilling, the pump capacity is big with high mechanical drilling rate. The large particles produced by the solid phase, large amount of drilling cuttings and smaller screen mesh should be adopted to deal with drilling fluid. With the increase of depth and smaller pump capacity, small particles of solid phase will have small amount of drilling cuttings.

Desander and desilter are made by a group of hydro cyclone according to a processing flow and recycling of drilling fluid shale shaker. Drilling fluid sand is used to clear the solid phase particles of 30-90 microns. The desander is used to clear the solid phase particles of 10 to 30 microns. Points in the cyclone size is not only related to the structure size of the cyclone, but also related to drilling fluid density and fluid pressure.

The final drilling fluid solids control equipment, drilling fluid centrifuge is mainly used for removal of drilling fluid in the 2 to 10 microns of solid phase particles. Drilling fluid centrifuge has two types. One is a part of the flow of drilling fluid centrifuge which is used in the recovery of compound drilling fluid in barite. Its liquid will flow to the bottom of the hydro cyclone. The other is a full flow drilling fluid centrifuge which is used to remove the increase of the drilling fluid solid phase and the treatment fluid is for mud cyclone relief. Drilling fluid centrifuge is mainly used in drilling deep wells operations. It has practical significance in drilling in the deep and shallow well. In use, choose the appropriate drilling sand pump is very important.

For the choice of auxiliary equipment we mainly put forward the following Suggestions. Slurry blender's function is to keep drilling fluid performance stable. Therefore mixer impeller discharge of the drilling fluid must be in the tank to make the up speed of suspended solid faster than down speed. And impeller diameter and speed of agitator work is certain. Blender can make the work of drilling fluid circulating once called cycle time. According to foreign relevant data, cycle time generally is 30-90 s. In the solid control equipment system, the drilling fluid shale shaker is placed solid control unit of the drilling fluid storage tank which needs to sink sand. So the cycle time is the maximum, but other drilling fluid drilling pump storage tank and water tank shall be the minimum to ensure that the drilling fluid performance is stable. Usually take cycle time for 60 s as the basis of an agitator.

At the same time, stop after a period of time, when agitator is working on the deposition of solid phase, you need to restart the impeller. And gun drilling fluid work can eliminate agitator’s starting resistance. This is for the normal work of the agitator to provide a reliable guarantee. In order to increase the drilling fluid or a small amount of configuration of drilling fluid, people usually increase funnels near the drilling pump of suction tank. The discharge line should be able to achieve storage tank and suction tank to quickly handle accidents.

Above all is the detailed introduction of the solid control equipment for your reference.

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