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Desilter--The Bane of Mud

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What is a desilter?With the continuous progress of drilling technology, horizontal well and directional well drilling application of new technology, new process, there are more and more prominent contradiction between the technical performance of drilling fluid and drilling speed. How to effectively improve the economy, especially the stability of drilling fluid technology and meet the needs of new drilling techniques has become a important research project of oil drilling technology development and progress.Therefore our factory design and produce desilter and desander through a wide range of field investigation and comparison, combined with some oil field in our country. This product can be widely used in drilling fluid of tertiary purification, can effectively remove suspension of solid phased particles in drilling fluid is greater than 30 microns. It is a one of the indispensable important equipment to stable and adjust drilling fluid technology indicators.Desilter designed of double row linear combination breakdown combined hydrocyclone seven straight vibrating screen, by adjusting the spiral flow bottom flow and screen frame angles can realize increase drilling barite recovery and the increase in the general use of drilling fluid. Desilter choose five inches molded polyurethane cyclone, so it can be large range of use and the wear resistance makes it hard to be blocked. The screen Angle can be adjusted makes it hard to run the mud. The 140/40 of a mesh screen with high intensity and long service life. The perfusion fluid pipe place to have the overflow device design to adjust pressure. The overall structure is compact and reasonable, making it easy for installation and adjustment.In addition,it also has stable and reliable performance and simple maintenance features.

What is a desilter in USA? Levels of solids control equipment abroad Brandt and other companies in the United States as a representative, the quality and performance of them are in first class in the world, it has high standardization, seriation and specialty.On the design of the mud desilter and desander in recent years, they made a lot of improvement, mainly reflected in the high frequency detail drive mode of vibrating screen, vibrating screen mesh tension method, cross section of the duct flow in a cyclone import fluctuation cone shape, hydrocyclone and lining material, etc. They have been widely used, which makes the drilling fluid with higher levels of detail and more stable performance.?There are two most common ways of tightening for the desander vibrating screen mesh, the one is transverse bolt tensioning type, the other is a kind of pressure plate type.They are completely eliminate the scene of the domestic general drum longitudinal circulation type.

Since 1978, the mud purification device has been gradually promote the use in various fields in our country and gradually achieve some effect.In recent years, domestic mud purification device has been used in various fields and gradually promote the use of theoretical research and manufacturing technology level.Especially on the theoretical research, such as the working principle of vibrating screen, the working principle of cyclone, etc., they has been at or near the world's advanced level, but life expectancy of domestic solids control equipment performance have a certain gap prepares to the abroad ones.

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