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Desilter Prospect Forecast

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Widely used at home and abroad, the supporting system of drilling fluid circulation system is belongs to the mechanical solids control drilling fluid circulation system. It includes tank, pump, manifold ground, drilling fluid drilling fluid tank, a drilling fluid shaker screen, decanter, desilter , drilling fluid centrifuge, drilling fluid mixing equipment, etc. In the jet drilling and down whole drilling, it also assumes the task of transmission power. It is using the screening, centrifugal principle according to the different particle size and density to be separated. According to the need for trade-offs, we have reached drilling fluid control of density and solid phased particles. This method has good effect, low cost and has been widely used. But the solid control system is complex and has many involving equipment, the service life of a lot of equipment is short, and on the scene we tend to use only a part of equipment, lead to the result that we cannot meet the solids control demand. So desilter prospect forecast are that it is necessary for application of drilling fluid circulation system to improve the process and equipment.

Existing ordinary drilling fluid solids control equipment in the ground loop system including drilling fluid shale shaker , desecrator, decanter, desilter and cleaner, etc. Through these separation equipment step by step, we can achieve the purpose of better control of drilling fluid solid phase. Desilter cannot use when dealing with increasing drilling fluid. Even we do not advocate the use of decanter, because both, especially the former may remove a large number of barite. Considering of drilling fluid shale shaker, especially fine mesh sieve is wearing parts, and has high cost. At the same time, in order to reduce the number and work time of sand pump, the desilter prospect forecast are that we should put forward a cyclone separation device of the water seal type to simplify the existing solid control system.

Negative pressure drilling is developed in recent years, which is an important means to explore low leakage of reservoir. The difference of ordinary pressure drilling and negative pressure drilling is in addition to the drilling tool, drilling structure differences are mainly on wellhead bop, which can achieve spray while drilling. The well drilling fluid channel can be closed, the compressive residual stress can be directly used to the mouth of the well drilling fluid into the closed type drilling fluid treatment system.

Drilling fluid ground loop system equipment improvement:

In the solid control system, drilling sand pump used for mud cleaner , desilter and desilter devices to provide feeding, medium for circulating drilling fluid containing solids. Existed drilling sand pump shaft seal adopts simple mechanical seal, which always cause the drilling fluid often string into drilling sand pump bearing (sealing), while the drilling fluid contains large amounts of solid phase particles. So the drilling fluid centrifugal pump will be damaged soon, so many drilling crews have abandoned drilling fluid decanter and desilter, only using the drilling fluid shale shaker, so it seriously worsen the drilling condition.

For this purpose, desilter prospect forecast are that we should use sand pump new shaft seal structure that sealing effect is good, life span is long, in order to prolong the service life of sand pump, better play the drilling fluid solids control equipment efficiency and improve drilling efficiency. Aiming at the problem of shaft seal in drilling fluid, desilter prospect forecast are that we should developed a new type of sand pump shaft seal and it uses the new type of mechanical seal structure, the life of structure is more than double of the structures nowadays in the abstract.

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