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Description of Sand Pumps and Some Tips for Sand Pump Manufactures

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Sand pump got its name because it is used for pumping sand. The pumps can be divided into two categories, horizontal and vertical according to is usage. The pump is suitable for river dredging, desilting solid dam, coal mines, power plants and mining conveyor slurry containing solid particles and its Medium concentration may reach above 40%. In our country, sand pumps are widely used in the Yellow river basin, Yangzi river basin or some reclaiming land from seawaters in coastal pumping sand reclamation projects. A sand pump is mainly composed of pump body, impeller, guard board, pump cover, bracket and bearing components, etc. Pump body, impeller, sheeting material can be made of high manganese nodular cast iron, high chromium alloy and non-metallic wear-resistant materials, the user can choose according to usage when ordering. The shaft seal of the applies packing seal, in order to ensure the normal operation of the pump high-pressure flushing water need to added in the packing room . The veer of the pump is anticlockwise from the angle of the water inlet, and the exit of the pump is on the right side of the horizontal direction.

If you want to be the manufacture of sand pump, you shall know how to make sure the sand have a high quality. There are some tips for sand pump manufacturers that you may have to take into account.

The pumps must have high efficiency, resistance to abrasion.

The pump mast has the ability of pumping the sand which lays bottom of the river or lake.

The sand pump can also have the ability of pumping mud in the river or lake or see and etc.

The sand pump need pump all kinds of stone processing plant powder slurry

Can be used as tailings conveying, all sorts of tail sand mining, slurry, slurry, coal slurry, slag, slag treatment, etc.

Sand pump need to pump all kinds of solid slurry items.

The sand pump can also have the ability of pumping mud in the open caisson, wells

The sand pump must effectively balance the pressure inside and outside of the cavity.

The electrical machine of the pump must have the ability of temperature tolerance. The working condition may reach up to 90 degrees above zero.

Can working safely for a long period of time in a terrible condition.

Other tips for sand pump manufacture who sells the sand pump to take into consideration are as follows:

The manufacture must provide the quality certificate of ISO, CE or SGS.

At least one year after sales service and one year quality guarantee.

Provide OEM service

Make sure the delivery times can’t be longer than 7 days in our country.

Support the return in 7 days after the deal.

Above all are the tips for sand pump manufacturers to make most qualified and popular sand pump.

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