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Desander and Oil Drilling Product Treatment

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How to install desander ? It is easy to install it if we understand the working principle of desander. In a number of oil drilling projects, slow sand filtration of the drilling fluids is one of the most successful product treatment techniques available, which is especially true for rural regions thanks to its simplicity as well as the absence of chemical coagulation. With the help of the desander, the treatment of the oil drilling products enables the filtration plants to be operated by part time personnel who have little training in chemistry at high efficiency which can be achieved by slow desander in the slow filtration rate as long as the fine effective size of the sand is less than three millimeters since the desander processes that occur in the upper layer of the desander sand bed play a pivotal role in determining the final product quality.

As a matter of fact, it is believed that the removal function of desander occurs mainly in the desander layer at the sand and oil drilling fluid interface so that there is a limited number of factors in the application of desander filters during the filter ripening period that is required at the beginning of each run. To be more specific, desander filter ripening is a complex process that involves a number of engineering mechanisms, which is especially true in the filtration progresses in spite of the fact that the desander layer is richly populated. At the same time, the desander develops and contributes to removal of pollutants in the oil drilling products even though bacteria may grow together in colonies on the surface of the sand grains and form particulates in the raw water.

To achieve this goal, desander will stick to raw water particulates and enhance their removal effects as long as samples are removed from the device at weekly intervals during the eight week ripening period. In addition, a desander control sample can be taken at the beginning of the desander filter run during which a test tube will be inserted so as to make certain that the sand particles remained intact. At the same time, approximately two samples will be removed using the upper end of the desander tube since this small quantity is sufficient for desander analysis and it also ensures minimal disruption of the desander so that there is no need for great care to be taken to ensure the minimal handling of the desander and possible disturbance of samples. On the other hand, various desander mechanisms of oil drilling fluids removal have been proposed since they include predation by filter feeding organisms and attachment in which transport as well as adsorption processes will be affected.

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