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Desander Process Equipment Structure Design

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Dynamic cyclone desander based on the platform basic parameters, formed with platform production systems in close integration, and always without departing from the platform production features. Desander designed mainly divided into the following two processes. 1. The basic analysis for the platform condition. After laboratory analysis, factors that affect desander separation are viscosity of oil. Also need to analyze the water production and sand. Analyzed on samples of sand by a professional laboratory, we learned sand particle size broadly distribution range, this provides the basic data for the dynamic parameter setting.

2. Equipment characteristics design. The equipment is on the basis of dynamic swirl, depends on site conditions and design. On the premise of maintaining efficient separation, meet the site conditions of use. Desander features mainly reflected in the following aspects.1. Security features.

Safety is the first one, desander’s design using multiple security principles, made the appropriate precautions for each site that has security risks. A. Connected by belt. The way using belt to transfer the energy applicate its flexible connectivity features. When the equipment has internal failure or other causes shaft can not be rotated, belt will occur slip due to overload, the overload protection device can effectively protect the security of the entire equipment. B. Uses the mechanical seal form of a combination of static and dynamic. Dynamic hydrocyclone separation technique due to the mobile device, so use the mechanical seal. Based on site production conditions and safety and environmental protection requirements. Using a combination of static and dynamic mechanical seal, can effectively prevent the leakage of the oil and cooling system seepage. And the external mechanical seal seat with a seal in the form "O"-ring, dual role can better ensure system security. Mechanical seal use circulating water cooling, to ensure that the device is running in safe condition.

2. Process characteristics. Because treatment systems are constriction transmission in not operating, When the platform liquid production reaches a certain level, grit arrest processing system can not meet the transport needs. Therefore, there is a position reserved for the emergency release valve in the process system. When processing reaches a certain amount, it will activate the emergency release valve, to prevent the production process systems’ pressureout caused by processing system stop suddenly. Connected in parallel form to ensure cutting and conversion completed smoothly and quickly between the device and the platform production systems.

3. Equipment technology. Dynamic hydrocyclone desander contains four systems: feed system, separation system, cooling system, and control system. They are the ensurence of dynamic cyclone desander safe, stable and efficient implementation. A. Feed system uses a dual feed inlet feed straight way, breaking the static hydrocyclone technology must tangential feed drawbacks, more conducive to oil entry smoothly. Use dual Inlet way, to effectively guarantee the amount of processing dynamic hydrocyclone desanding system, increasing the capacity of a single equivalent to reducing the total area of the device. B. Use a patented cone property separation system. Through continuous experimentation and live platform research, via high-speed computers synthesized to simulate the optimal taper, and applied to the production platform. C. Use cooling system to guarantee the safety of dynamic hydrocyclone desander system equipment effectively.

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