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Desander Installation Methods

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Desander is a equipment that can remove liquid fine sand particle from fluid. After crude oil under certain pressure tangential flows into the entrance of desander device, it creates a strong rotary movement. Because sand and oil’s densities are different, in the combined action of centrifugal force, centripetal force, buoyancy force and fluid drag force, oil which is low density will rise and discharge from the oil outlet, sand which is high density will discharge from the bottom sewerage outlet. By taking of this theory we can achieve the purpose of removing sand. Under a certain range and conditions, desander inlet pressure is greater, sand removal rate is higher, and can use in parallel connection.

Desander has many practical characteristics. Its structure is simple and convenient to manipulate, safe and reliable during operating, and almost no maintenance. Compared with other sand eliminator devices, like expanding-tube and buffer box etc, desander is smaller in shape, greater processing capacity and can save more space. It doesn’t need disruption while sand removal process, which increased the sand removing efficiency. And in addition, this machine can avoid second oil pollution.

The following are several points you should pay attention when choosing desander. How much is the quantity it can deal with? What is the diameter of outside tube? How much working pressure the pipeline can withstand? And quality of crude oil and after treated oil, and other factors. Generally, large-sized equipment is a priority in meeting the needs of flow. In order to obtain the better effect of separation of solid and liquid, it is recommend method to using parallel several sets of equipment in the system instead of large equipment.

How to install desander? First of all, desander should be installed in the main oil pipeline and fixes on the base, (the base surface must be flat, and installed directly on the ground is also possible.) and a bypass between the oil inlet and outlet is needed. In order to make sure that the solid control system is steady, it is necessary to install a straight pipe with the same diameter of inlet, 10-15 times the length of the equivalent inlet diameter. Before installing, the equipment around should reserve enough space to afterwards maintenance. Then, according to the directional arrow on the equipment assemble pipes up. When in normal work, desander‘s inlet valve and outlet valve need to keep in the opening state, while sewage valve and bypass valve in closed state. According to the percentage of sand in crude oil, make a regular sand removing and decontaminating plan. Open the sewage drainage valve while decontaminating until there is clean water flows out, and this process doesn’t affect other parts. Don’t forget to close the sewage drainage valve after decontaminating.

Desander has been employed into many fields, like sand removing of well and river water, solid-liquid separation, and coal washing water and so on. It brings convenience and even more in the future to our life.

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