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Desander Adds to Drilling Crew Efficiency

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Recent activity to buy solid control equipment is linked with improved Desander stimulation. It has resulted in astoundingly good results in the shear pump production. At the same time, there is an exponential growth in a passive Desander imaging technology. The new technology enables mapping active networks of solid control equipment, which will lead to oil production growth. What is more, advanced solid control equipment could also monitor well failures and track injection of fluids into the producing formations. In addition, rock deformation is associated with reservoir compaction at large as long as we buy solid control equipment. Of these applications, monitoring of Desander operations for oil and gas exploration is currently the most widely used. Cumulative production and production rate can be computed from the scaling solution in typical wells. Thus, if we buy solid control equipment, we can easily get to know the reservoir pressure. Desander matches the scaling function well because the production rate becomes linear.

After selecting and gathering information about how to buy solid control equipment, we may find that data has been normalized. On the other hand, the measurements of methane and the tracer are assumed to be equal to the ratio of oil drilling rates. Due to this reason, drilling optimization also will increase drilling efficiency, safety and helps to protect environment. This can be achieved with precise planning of mud weight and required materials in decanter centrifuge. In order to reduce the total cost, drilling rate should be increased and we can pay more attention to how interrelated operational parameters can affect each other. In fact, this is largely determined when we buy solid control equipment but we also need to think about how to increase rate of penetration. According to the formula, connection time depends on the drilling crew efficiency while Desander tripping time also depends on depth and efficiency of the crew.

The type of solid control equipment controls both the running time and tripping time. Therefore, inappropriate type of bit will cause a decrease in the penetration rate. What is worse, it may force drilling operators to pull the bit out of hole, which will waste the time and impose extra expenses to the oil drilling company. The dynamic properties of solid control equipment must be treated properly. This is because the compressibility and viscosity of Desander depend upon its composition. The properties of oil products may vary strongly with temperature and pressure. And if we fail to take variable properties into account, it might lead to errors in the drilling practice. That is why we need to remark on some additional effects of Desander after injecting water into the rocks.

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