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Decanter Centrifuge of Solid Control System Usages

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Tilting the decanter centrifuge of solid control system usages, is the use of centrifugal force, the separation of liquid and solid particles or a mixture of liquid and the liquid of each component in the machinery.
Tilting the decanter centrifuge of Solid control equipment usages is mainly used for the suspension of solid particles and liquid separation; Or emulsion in the two kinds of different density and mutual miscibility of liquid separation (such as isolated from milk cream); It can also be used to eliminate wet solid in the liquid, such as use washing machine to jilt dry wet clothes; Special speed tubular separator can separate different density of gas mixture; With different density and particle size of solid particles in a liquid sedimentation velocity of different characteristics, some sedimentation centrifuge for solid particles according to density and grain size grading.

Decanter centrifuge of solid control system usages is differential commonly, main bearing, machine guest, drum, screw, frame and other parts.Tilting the centrifuge used in chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, mineral processing, coal, water treatment and shipping departments.
Decanter centrifuge of solid control system usages has features and advantages:

1, it does tungsten carbide coating in screw propeller edge, and smooth.

2, main motor pulley coupler (355 x1000 x1257, 355), action, smooth start, start at the beginning of the no load

3, after assembled to do running test in the test bed, time of 8 hours, to observe the machine running situation, bearing base and the surrounding environment of temperature difference should not exceed 30 degrees,

4, with balanced rotation correction: will be balanced rotation correction; ensure the safe operation of the product. If product overall balanced rotation is not good, can lead to bearing heating, and damage of the machine.

5, long drum: product innovation design a long drum, can prolong the residence time of sand pump inside the drum, so as to produce dry solid phase particles and the fine separation point.

6, can provide anticorrosive wearing drum, drum are produced by using alloy material, can be replaced rapidly at the cones and sand mouth of cemented carbide.

7 It can provide anti-corrosion wear-resistant propellers, screw propeller of slag welding carbide wear-resisting layer.

8.Eight big end of the overflow mouth, drum adopts adjustable weir plate, can be field adjustable according to the mud treatment.

9 Germany FAG, the Swedish SKF bears brand. Electrical components conform to the Schneider Siemens/explosion protection standard or international electro technical commission certification system.

10, communications products with electrical components over-current protection, can be directly when using problems in downtime, convenient.

Three-phase decanter centrifuge of solid control system usages is separated at the same time liquid, liquid and solid phase. The federal republic of Germany in the 1980 s Westphalia is on three-phase decanting centrifuge structure. It is composed of a conical cylindrical drum, screw conveyor, driving device, feeding system, etc. The machine in the ends of the rotor of the screw column is equipped with adjustable ring and separating plate respectively, to adjust the light and heavy liquid interface, light liquid outlet is equipped with centripetal pump, the pump pressure, will light liquid discharge. Feed system is equipped with central bushing compound feed port, center pipe and the outer casing outlet has light liquid distributor and heavy liquid fabric hole, its location is adjustable.

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