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Decanter Centrifuge Maintainance Methods

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Decanter centrifuge is a settlement device, with decanter centrifuge and continuous operation. The machine can continuous feed, separate, wash and upload when it is running at full speed. It has characterizes of compact, continuous operation, stable operation, adaptability, large capacity, easy maintenance and so on. Decanter centrifuge is widely used in chemical industry, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other industries. To ensure stable operation of the decanter centrifuge for long-period, we must do routine maintenance work to the decanter centrifuge.

Firstly, it is important to wash the drum regularly in order to reduce vibration of the decanter centrifuge when we take the idea of maintaining decanter centrifuge into consideration. The decanter centrifuge will always deal with viscous solid-liquid mixture. As a result, a long-running of the decanter centrifuge will make drum and the wall of spiral attached thick sediment. If we do not rinse it clear, the balance rotate of the drum will be destructed due to the uneven force. Thereby, the decanter centrifuge will vibrate, which is very damaging for the decanter centrifuge. Rinse interval due to the nature of materials. Generally, sludge washed once a month is appropriate. Certainly, measured vibration of the drum is also used to determine the need for flushing.

Secondly, if you want to maintain decanter centrifuge, clean supernatant reflux tube regularly needs to be put on the agenda. In the production run, if the supernatant after sludge dewatering contains many solids, it is likely to cause the supernatant reflux tube blockage. This will result in decreased rates of dewatered sludge solids and the centrifugal pump will therefore vibrate. Therefore, according to the actual operating conditions, we must clean the supernatant reflux tube periodically.

Thirdly, to do maintain well on the decanter centrifuge, we must strengthen the maintenance of the flocculants automatic dosing device. During the running operation, the decanter centrifuge needs to be added an aqueous solution of polyacrylamide into adhesive state. And its solubility is poor. Since that, it is likely to result agglomeration and deposition of polyacrylamide in the pipeline of flocculants automatic dosing device and on the blender. If we find that after a long run polyacrylamide will silt on static mixer, it will also agglomerate on the sensor (probe) of hydrostatic level gauge, which will cause inaccurate results and malfunction of the device. Therefore, it is necessary to clean siltation and agglomeration caused by polyacrylamide.

Finally, a routine periodic inspection is essential in the management and maintenance of the decanter centrifuge. Daily maintenance: use the oil to refuel bearings of the decanter centrifuge drum to ensure lubrication. Biweekly maintenance: clean the supernatant tube and check the flocculants dosing device. Every 20 days to maintain: grease spindle bearings with grease gun. By maintaining the decanter centrifuge like the above-described, we can keep the equipment in good operating condition.

In short, maintaining the decanter centrifuge has a great significance to ensure its long-term and stable operation. According to the characteristics of the operation of the decanter centrifuge, we must focus on doing the cleaning, lubrication and other work.

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