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Decanter Centrifuge’s Layout and the Problems Need Attention

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The reserved length should not less than the decanter centrifuge rotary drum total length. Because after 50 to 100 hours running, after the sludge dewatering, the supernatant suspension will cause reflux tube blockage. This will result in decreased rates of dewatered sludge solids, the decanter centrifuge will vibrate because of uneven pressure. Therefore the decanter centrifuge must be cleaned regularly. Use a dedicated high-pressure water to wash the supernatant reflux tube, its total length should be close to the rotary drum total length. Therefore, when the decanter centrifuge layout is designing, there should be enough space to left.

Due to structural characteristics of the decanter centrifuge, decided high quality requirements of the into mud. Centrifuge requirements the into mud can not contain big hair, cotton, etc., otherwise, it is easy to plug the supernatant reflux tube. However, we found in operation that even small hairs mixed with the sludge is also very likely to cause congestion. This resulted in that in the operation, the decanter centrifuge will shut down because of the supernatant reflux tube is blocked. To this end, after careful consultation and test, we buy the sludge broken cutting, install primary sedimentation tank sludge outlet, and solve the problem completely. Ordinary sludge crusher works only for sludge, break the chunks of mud into tiny sludge particles. The "sludge broken cutter" function is very powerful, it has two very sharp blades, the there are very precise fit between the blades. It can break a variety of fiber substances what are contained in sludge into segments no more than 15mm such as broken rags, cotton, and some other things. Plastic bags, plastic boxes, sanitary napkins, and other small pieces of wood can be completely cut into fragments no more than 15mm in diameter. Based on our operating experience, primary sedimentation tank, oxidation ditch, SBR sludge contained more hair, cotton and other things. Therefore, in the selection of decanter centrifuge to sludge dewatering, is necessary to set sludge macerators in the sludge inlet. This will reduce the clogging of the decanter centrifuge, the centrifuge is more stable.

Through the analysis of the actual use of decanter centrifuge, we can get the following conclusions. 1. Decanter centrifuge devices’ integrated overall performance integrated device is very good. It is the best to choose complete sets of equipment during equipment selection, so as to achieve good operating results. 2. During equipment selection, we should ensure that the dry solids’ load is nor more than 70% of the maximum capacity of the decanter centrifuge what enter the decanter centrifuge. If the biological treatment system can not ensure a high sludge concentration, we should consider installing sludge thickener to improve concentration into the mud centrifuge. 3. The structural characteristics determines the high demand to into the mud quality of the decanter centrifuge. In the selection of centrifuge sludge dewatering, sludge feed inlet is necessary to set the sludge broken cutting machine, this can reduce clogging of the centrifuge, and the centrifuge will be more stable.

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