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Decanter Centrifuge Buyers of From Different Industries

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A decanter centrifuge is the equipment which is used in high speed separation of parts of different densities in a liquid. And this type of equipment is widely used in many industries and a lot of different kinds of factories for different use. So decanter centrifuge buyers can also come from a lot of different fields. For example, the buyers can work in food processing industry, because the decanter centrifuge can be used in the making of edible animal fat, natural oil including olive oil, peanut oil and some kinds of vegetable oil, soy bean protein, cheese, milk, wine, beer, sugar, coffee, fruit juice and tea. Buyers can also come from petrochemical industry, for the decanter centrifuge can be used in refining of crude oil, de-watering, drilling oil well, lubricating and recycling of waste oil. Decanter centrifuge buyers can work in environmental field, they use decanter centrifuge to dry animal slurry and biomass and thermal sludge. They can do recycling jobs too, such as mud agitator treatment process, industrial fluid recovery project and so on. So there are some kinds of information that a decanter centrifuge buyer needs to know.

The decanter centrifuge is very efficient in separating process in a raft of industries but there are also some advantages and disadvantages which are required to be understood by decanter centrifuge buyers. Even decanter centrifuge has more virtues than disadvantages.


1)Decanter centrifuge equipment is very clean and has little odor. And this machine needs less space for operation compared to other similar types.

2)It is relatively easy to install and the speed of decanter centrifuge to start and shut up is very high,

3)The decanter centrifuge machine can handle various works. It is versatile, and this versatility enables this equipment have different functions, including dewatering and thickening, etc. which other types of machine cannot achieve, such as belt filter machine and bag-type filter machine.

4) The decanter centrifuge has high efficiency than other smaller machines.

5) This devise is very reliable and easy to operate.

6) The decanter centrifuge needs little continuous maintenance, and easier operation compared to other types, so it help to reduce labor capital.


1) The decanter centrifuge is not precise and sensitive to small density difference. So it is difficult for it to separate cells.

2) The devise has severe noise and oscillation.

3) The decanter centrifuge machine can consume a raft of energy, so it is no relatively environmental friendly.

4) The decanter centrifuge is a little expensive for buyers compared to other types.

To sum up, all and sundry person has his or her virtues and limitations, so does every type of machine. So decanter centrifuge buyers need to set their mind after some careful heart searching in buying the decanter centrifuge equipment. After all, even if decanter centrifuge has some limitations over advantages, the overall function of this machine is relatively competitive. I hope this brief introduction can help decanter centrifuge buyers to make a crude but objective impression of this kind of machine. And I wish this would be somewhat useful in your future consideration in buying the machine or not.

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