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Cyclone Desander Structure Principle and Characteristic Analysis

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Cyclone desander main parts include the impeller, shaft, motor, reducer and suction sand system, etc.

Due to the impeller blade upward sloping, rotates would make pool sewage as a spiral motion; Add to the sewage to enter the consistent with the impeller rotation to swirl, pool form the volute flow of sewage. Under the condition of proper blade angle and linear velocity, the water in the sand will be subject to the settlement of scour and still maintain the best effect, and the organic matter of the adhesion on the sand and small material of high levels will flow to the vortex pool with water. In addition, due to the impeller rotation, reduced the sensitive degree of change of the cyclone flow pool caused by water inflow changes , thus ensuring stable effect of grit chamber and low organic composition of sand production.

Cyclone desander is mainly used for removal of solid impurities of inclusions in the sewage such as sand; Effective protection sewage treatment follow-up process equipment; At the same time it can make the sand separated from the surface of organic pollutants.

The working principle of cyclone desander is very complicated, When the water under a certain pressure from desanding inlet as tangential into the equipment, a strong rotation movement, as the density of sand and water is different, the centrifugal force, centripetal force, buoyancy and fluid drag force, under the joint action of the water of the low density increased, by the discharge outlet, big density sand expel from discharge outlet at the bottom of the equipment, so as to achieve the aim of desanding, cyclone desander has high desanding ratio, save installation space, to individual tiny solid leak rate is low, stable working status and many other advantages.

In a certain scope and conditions, the cyclone desander feed water pressure, the desanding rate is higher, and it can be used more than one parallel.

Cyclone desander main parts constitute hydrocyclone desanding pool system, cyclone desander main parts system contains GRV hydrocyclone desanding pool equipment, air pump or sand pump, shaftless spiral sand and water separator, gas pipeline and the sand line. Hydrocyclone desanding pool device including hydrocyclone desanding pool body, work bridge, transmission device, blade and air lift device and other important parts. At present hydrocyclone desanding pool body at home and abroad, there are two main ways, one is bell type sand pool, another is Than's sand pool.

The installation and commissioning of cyclone desander is also a very important link in the process of useing, especialy the cyclone desander main parts. Equipment installation should do well in the foundation, the infrastructure must level off, it can also be installed directly on the ground. Installation pipes and in the direction of flow can according to the actual processing of water used in parallel. In addtion according to actual processing precision, use series connection, surface layout, due to the device without moving parts, namely the equipment is maintenance free but they need to keep the load stability, opening and closing force uniform. Avoiding artificial damage.

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