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Cost Effective Vacuum Degasser Prevents Lost Circulation

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It can be difficult to carry out horizontal degasser maintenance in the long run since we need to confirm the direct source and possible problems of the degasser. In most cases, it is generally within a factor of two in the direct source that oil drilling rate can be roughly eighty two percent. The number is far beyond the most recent national estimates without cost effective vacuum degasser control or recovery equipment used for horizontal degasser maintenance. In fact, the rate is also well below the average potential drilling rate in national inventories. For the oil production sites, the cost effective vacuum degasser measurements are also comparable to total on-site measurements as a matter of fact. In some oil wells, we may have stuck pipes and that will contribute to a huge loss in the mud gun project in spite of horizontal degasser maintenance. However, the loss is always accounted in the oil well budget cost as a contingency factor and one of the possible risks. On the other hand, we may start with horizontal degasser maintenance in the phase of oil well planning with the drilling performance approach. The problem of lost circulation is apparent in the early history of the drilling industry when there is no cost effective vacuum degasser. In fact, the problem can be magnified considerably when operator begin to drill deeper into the depleted formation.

That is why the oil drilling industry spends millions of dollars a year on horizontal degasser maintenance. They intend to combat lost circulation as well as the detrimental effects it propagates. For instance, inadequate horizontal degasser maintenance will lead to the loss of rig time, stuck pipe, and even blow-outs. In fact, the abandonment of expensive wells and excessive cost of the oil drilling practice may also be attributed to the lack of horizontal degasser maintenance. This is because cost effective vacuum degasser can be used to prevent mud losses and formation damage in the producing zone due to its incomplete zonal isolation. Major losses in the drilling process most often occur through shaker screen fracture propagation. Although other forms of loss such as matrix seepage, and filter loss may also be of concern when it comes to horizontal degasser maintenance, fracture losses are commonly seen. They may account for more than ninety percent of the operator loss in vacuum degasser expenditures. Several parameters such as formation pressure gradient, horizontal degasser maintenance, and drilling fluid properties should be paid special attention to. After this has been done, we may keep an eye on the pump pressure and the flow rate of cost effective vacuum degasser with lots of other known and unknown parameters.

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