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Comprehensive Usages of Mud Agitator

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A series of Mud agitator are widely used in a wide range of industrial and urban sewage treatment plant aeration tank, aeration settling pool. It can also be used for small sewage treatment plant, industrial wastewater treatment and aerobic pond fish and can be applied to sewage treatment plant and industrial process mixing liquid containing suspended solids.

Drilling fluid after fully mixing of solids removal is very necessary and maintenance work. Most of the drilling fluid with slurry mixing equipment must be put through to suspended solid ground tank, keep drilling fluid composition. To achieve the purpose of the equipment has two kinds: mechanical mud agitator and mud gun. Mud gun belongs to hydraulic mixing equipment. In the drilling fluid solids control system is commonly used in such two ways.

Drilling mud agitator used to mix of solid phased particles suspended drilling fluid material, and through the ground system to maintain the uniform mixture of drilling fluid state. In order to meet these requirements, mud agitator need an upward velocity in drilling fluid tank, and the speed should be greater than the settling velocity of suspended solid particles. It needs enough shear and stir to dissolve, wetting and dispersing additives in drilling fluid, drilling fluid mixed with ability will help to keep the drilling fluid viscosity.

The effect of ground drilling fluid system is to make the drilling fluid maintenance before pumped into the well and this can be achieved by effective use of solids control equipment to remove unwanted solid phase, recycling of drilling fluid as much as possible at the same time. Solids removal, followed by rapid chemical additives and drilling fluid material completely mixed and related maintenance work.

Make one or more material dispersed to each other and reach the temperature field or temperature distribution in the space, the concentration field (material component distribution in the space) operation is known as stir evenly. The machine for the use of stirring is called for mud agitator and it often uses brant screen. Due to the different material phase and the solid powder mixing called mixing, mixing of slurry material called mixing referred to as the stirring liquid material.Stir in the chemical production, has been widely used, such as heat transfer, mass transfer, chemical reaction, the dissolution process and the preparation of mixture, emulsion, suspending liquid and so on. In electrical porcelain production, mainly for the slurry pool, slurry storage pool, the place such as glaze slurry pool of slurry mixing. In particular is as follows.

1. The highly dispersed in the preparation of the solid material in water slurry. Soft clay class material without ball mill and direct investment uses high-speed mixer mixing pool water immersion, mud slurry system. Some of the raw materials are the mine elutriation mud dry, grain fineness has basically conform to the requirements of the process, then using this slurry method, then through the appropriate sieving processing to the preparation of the mud has great superiority. In the molding process of all kinds of waste mud and waste billet, need to use, also can need not through the ball mill, and only after chopped into the mixing pool can go into the mud.

2. To prevent solid particles precipitate, mud suspension Desilter is typically after crushing, add water ball mill made of mud. The composition and properties of mud is very complex, and basically belongs to the solid particle size of 0.5 a 100 PM suspension of fine particles, including 30-35% solid components, water content of 65-70%. Because of feldspar, quartz, clay solid materials such as the density of particles is larger, they are in the state of suspension is not stable in the aqueous solution, will slowly under the gravity sedimentation by oneself, the result is the mud pool, upper bottom mud is very thick, almost only the status of the water. In order to maintain good conditions of the slurry solids in suspension should impose external forces to overcome the subsidence. Stirring can achieve this goal.

3. To the composition of slurry evenly. In the production of electric porcelain to preparation of new pulp, also recycle waste mud and the old slurry preparation. The old and new slurry collocation is used, to reduce the production cost, improve the plasticity of the sludge, etc is good. Some add a small amount of electrolyte in the mud in order to improve the mud liquidity, improve sludge dewatering properties. So in the mix slurry pool mud agitators are used.. The uniformity of mud composition influences greatly the quality of product. If using uniform grain size distribution, chemical composition slurries to make ware, porcelain, it is bound to produce craze, deformation, glaze, such as defects and poor mechanical and electrical performance.Stir in the production process, therefore, is of great significance, and can not be ignored. All there is circulating equipment which wants to consider using mixing machine.

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