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Composition and Application of Mud Cleaner

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During the process of drilling mud gun, transfer to the drilling mud or water, rinse the machine. Mission pumps are an important component of drilling machinery and equipment. Its primary role is in the drilling mud during drilling with drill bit into the pit, plays a cool drill bits, cleaning shaft, driven drilling drill, fixing, and drill cuttings back to the ground. Commonly used in normal circulation drilling, mud is to rinse the surface mediums-water, and mud or polymer drilling fluid in under a certain pressure, after a high pressure hose, and the water tap and drill Rod-column bottom center hole straight drill bit, to achieve cooling the drill cuttings, and cutting down clear purpose and transported to the Earth's surface. Mission pumps piston or plunger-type, driven by power machine pump of crankshaft rotation, crank through driven piston or plunger pump crosshead cylinder reciprocating motion. Under the action of alternating suction and discharge valves, and realize the goal of pressure and circulatory fluids.

Mud cleaner is drilling liquid solid control system in the of III solid controlled equipment, mud cleaner is swirl except sand players, and swirl except mud players and shaker of combination body, mud cleaner integrated has above three species equipment of performance, has processing volume big, and processing speed fast, and sieve network using life long, maintenance convenient, structure compact, features loss less, and occupies space small, especially very popular in the international drilling market.

General drilling fluid mud cleaner is not recommended for non-heavier drilling fluid. If not heavier drilling fluid used in mud cleaners, you can turn off the screen and let the hydro cyclone underflow all drained. In order to meet the requirements of all drilling fluid and desander and desilter must be formed by several swirl cones. In order to ensure normal cyclone, liquid inlet pressure must be maintained to the extent 0.25~0.35MPa. Desilter swirl Cone, long pipelines, liquid inlet pressure should be to get a large value, less desander cyclone Cone, lines shorter, should take smaller value into the fluid pressure.

Liquid inlet pressure depends largely on the pump matches the size is reasonable, thus sand pump selection is critical, mud agitator lift is usually around 40m, displacement and desander and desilter calibration of equal, to meet the application requirements. At the same time, in the selection of desander and desilter must refer to the Max displacement mission pump, in order to achieve reasonable matching.

This two species equipment in the using time, no strictly of boundaries, general in drill shallow formation and soft formation, drilling liquid in the big particles drill chip content high, both must while using, in drilling formation and hard formation, if used fine network accounts drilling liquid Shaker, it can directly using except mud cleaner to processing drilling liquid, this on drilling liquid of effects very micro-, and very economic.

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