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Classification of the Drilling Equipment

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The drilling equipment is the general terms of machines as well as equipments that drill cylindrical holes on the target objects in the ways of rotation cutting or rotation extrusion utilizing the tools which are more solid and sharper than the target objects. Both desander and drilling equipments are important and necessary equipments for mining areas. In order to reach the expectant effects, the precise parts must be drilled holes. And there are semi-automatic drilling equipment and full-automatic drilling equipment. And most of the enterprises choose the full-automatic drilling equipment as the development direction with the rising of the human resource cost. The automatic drilling equipment has increasingly greater advantages on the hardware molds, watch straps drilling holes as well as the jewelry because of the promotion of the techniques of the automatic drilling equipment. The drilling equipment can be divided into several main classifications according to the application range.

1. The drilling equipment for cloth

The drilling equipment for cloth material is also called the trepanning machine. Its rotation is mobilized by an electric motor. In the middle of its working, the needles drill through the dress materials which are piled up, leaving a row of the marks of the small holes as the location signs of the sewing. In addition, some drilling equipment has the heating equipment for the needles. For loose cloth material, the heated needles can leave a more distinct mark on the cloth material.

2. drilling equipment for hydrocarbon exploration

Its name is the sounding borer as well. During geological prospecting, the sounding borer acts as a machinery equipment that will lead the drilling tools to drill to the underground. Its main function is to drive the drilling tools to crush rocks under the holes to drill through the rock core, the ore core, rock debris, gaseous state sample as well as the liquid state sample, so that it could help to verify the situation of the underground geology as well as the ore resources.

3. engineering drilling equipment

It is a kind of drilling equipment that is used in the construction operations to proceed with the foundation pile or the tubular pile in order to consolidate and deal with the architectural engineering.

4. machining drilling equipment

In manufacturing, the drilling equipment acts as the machine as well as the equipment that is used for carrying out the drilling technique. It can be divided into the hardware drilling equipment, woodworking drilling equipment as well as the plastic drilling equipment, etc.

5. precise hardware drilling equipment

The hardware drilling equipment is also called the machinery drilling equipment. Carry out the metal products through the metal aiguilles. The main industries are watchband, jewelry and other industries.

6. full-automatic drilling equipment

The full-automatic drilling equipment for the watchband is another name of the watchband drilling machine. It is the breakthrough products used for specially deal with the drilling of the tall and slender hole such as the watchband, jewelry and other holes drilling.

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