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Characteristics of Solid Control Equipment

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In former decades, especially in the late ten years, solid control equipment developed dramatically. Such as mud drilling purification system, this is the result of technology and science. Many solid control equipment manufacturers employ very famous and intelligent professors and experts to involve in design and producing process. For that they can do some favor on ensuring forefront technology and product quality of domestic. On the other hand, many leaders in solid control equipment company are engaged in design and development of drilling mud purification equipment and circulation system for more than decades. Independent domestic solid control equipment development made it industry set afoot stably in world markets in recent years.

What is more, solid control equipment designers and professors are trying their effort to combine the perfect design with its drilling mud system technology. Solid control equipment is increasingly created and taken into application for that it develop at a quiet fast speed and do really function a lot to oil and gas field. A new type of solid control equipment, drilling mud purification system, which contributes a lot to other parts since it came into being. This type of products are produced at a large scale in many manufactures for that it really perform very effectively and cost a relative low expense.

The reason why i say so is that it really works as effectively as stack sizer . Stack sizer are designed with high capacity which saves a lot of floor space. Its high capacity helps to solve the problem of space occupation. Stack sizer owns high separation efficiency which is favorable for increasing producing quantity and save energy consumption. Moreover, it can help to improve layout process. Many improved stack sizers have the function of linear motion, which is with high screening performance and extreme large sized conveyance.

No matter it is stack sizer and any other type of solid control equipment products, they are own some special and irreplaceable solid control equipment characteristics in common. Most of them are customized products, such as drilling mud purification system, which benefits a lot of low solid in drilling mud and increase drilling penetration. Most of them are created with low cost, that is to say they help to reduce investment but enjoy high perform efficiency. Convenient maintenance of solid control equipment also contributes a lot to clean up and haul off as well as purification cost.

According to above brief description we can obviously come to the conclusion that solid control equipment world is developing at a rather fast speed. And they are highly thought in gas and oil industry as a result of the unique and irreplaceable solid control equipment characteristics.

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