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Characteristics of Mission Pump

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As the most advanced Mission pump is produced by the USA, so most of the most famous Mission pump brands are from the USA. The main manufacturers are Letourneau Ells Williams, IDECO, EMSCO, NATIONAL-OILWELL, etc. Most of the USA Mission pumps are triplex single acting pump.

Most of the hydraulic end and valve boxes of Mission pump are L shape. The suction valve and exhaust valve of valve box is fission structure. The suction valve uses thread to press and its shell is connected with valve casing thread. Most of the pump bases are welded structure. The crankshaft uses the welded structure of direct axis and eccentric. The cross sliding surface is grinded by quenching. The gear uses helical tooth or no slot herringbone gear. In order to strengthen the exchange of vulnerable parts, the valve chamber and piston rod has set relevant API standard.

At present, in our country, not as many as the USA, we also have several famous Mission pump brands. Their series triplex pumps can basically meet the needs of most oil field vacuum degasser. They have the history of designing and manufacturing for more than 40 years. Some products have reached the highest technical requirements. Their characteristics are as follows.

No relief groove herringbone gear transmission, alloy steel crankshaft, changeable crosshead guide board. The frame uses steel welding parts. The middle rod packing uses double seal structure. The power end uses the lubricating system of forced and splash lubrication. The triplex mission pump has the advantages of long stroke and low speed. In order to satisfy the requirements of oilfield high pump pressure and large displacement drilling technology, there brands design and manufacture high power and high pressure Mission pump. The main Mission pumps are P series, F series and 3NB series. Among them, the 3NB series Mission pump conforms to API standard. Its power is from 500HP to 1600HP and it is used widely in major oil fields.

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