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Characteristics and Usages of Vacuum Degasser

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Here are the brief characteristics and usages of the vacuum degasser.

An instrument is always used in industrial production and water treatment equipments. That is the vacuum degasser . Vacuum degassing machine is a kind of device that uses vacuum suction removal containing non condensable gas in liquid, it is necessary in line degassing device series of dairy products, fruit juice and other materials.

Vacuum degasser’s function is: to remove the air (oxygen) in the liquid, so that to prevent browning, pigment, vitamins, flavor components from getting oxidative reaction with other substances, and then avoid the lower quality; to maintain a good appearance of the product by removing the gas attached to the feed liquid suspending particles and inhibiting the floating of particles; to prevent the blistering from effecting sterilization when doing canned filling and high-temperature sterilizing; and reduce the corrosion on the inner wall of the container.

For water and other liquids, there is always oxygen, nitrogen and other gases contained. Therefore, when using them to do cleaning, they can't exert their washing effects. Tube heat exchanger can remove the saturated gas composition of them using vacuum cleaning equipment’s, so that they can play their roles well. Degassing device has been applied in many industries, which is the best verify to them functions.

Here are the characteristics of vacuum degasser.

1. Do not use vacuum film, so there will be not jam with low operation costs.

2. Reduce the affect for liquid to the lowest by heating outside the system

3. Without any drugs and be pollution-free security

4. Can also degas even though add the cleaning liquid of low foaming surfactant.

5. Can be simply assembled with other equipment.

Degassing system (uses):

1. After vacuum degassing, solvent or water can improve cleaning effect in the ultrasonic washing (the impact wave become more intense, cleaning effect is improved, cleaning time is shortened)

2. Fermentation tank is excellent in cleaning work pieces hole, deep hole, blind hole to do deburring. It’s suitable for all kinds of cleaner to prevent the oxidation of the metal surface.

3. Degassing system can prevent the pipeline corrosion and prevent water metamorphism, so that it can be used degas for food processing water, ink, coating liquid and other medical liquid.

4. Can also be applied to the steam water, boiler water and other production water

Based on good characteristics and usages of vacuum degassing machine, vacuum degasser has now been widely applied to various industries.

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