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Certain Information for You on Shaker Screen Replacement

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Shale shaker screens

Replacement for mongoose pt screen weather ford shale shaker screens like derrick screen or mongoose Pt screen eliminate undesirable drilling goods from fluids. Compliant with API rp13c and produced to ISO 9001 and 14001 criteria, the shale shaker screen replacement are produced to withstand the harsh environments encountered although drilling. The triple-layer, dx-kind mesh eliminates even the toughest goods from the drilling fluid, enabling higher management of drilling fluids and enhancing general effectiveness of the drilling procedure.


  • Produced to be compatible for set up on the mongoose shale shaker
  • Screening applications from Api 20 (780 to 925μ) to Api 400 (35.0 to 41.5μ)
  • Attributes, advantages and advantages
  • Structural layout and product assortment offer highest vitality transmittance , enabling effective drilling-good elimination.

The shale shaker screens are produced with accuracy robotic welding, plate punching, and laser cutting, offering long lasting screens capable of withstanding harsh rig environments.

Proprietary heat-media layout final results in an extremely robust and dependable replacement screen, ensuring durability and longevity in harsh drilling environments. Repairable screens and fix plugs allow simple area company, decreasing rig downtime and expenses related with broken screens.

Exactly where a pump or pump device is to be set up in a potentially explosive atmosphere make certain that this has been specified at the time of buy and that the gear has been supplied accordingly and displays an atex nameplate or is supplied with a certificate of conformity. If there is any question as to the suitability of the gear please get in touch with countrywide oil filed prior to commencing with set up and commissioning.

Procedure fluids should be kept inside of specified temperatures limits usually the surface area of pump or elements of the system could possibly turn into an ignition resource because of temperatures rises. exactly where the process fluid temperatures is much less that 90 oc The highest surface area temperatures will not exceed 90 oc supplied the pump is set up, operated and preserved in accordance with this handbook.

Electric set up and upkeep function should only be carried out by suitably skilled and capable individuals and should be in accordance with pertinent electrical restrictions. All electrical gear, which includes handle and security gadgets, should be suitably rated for the surroundings into which they are set up.

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