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Buy a Desander With the Professional Tips

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Buying desanders need your thorough consideration because your work needs desanders and the cost of desander is not cheap. Therefore, be careful when you buy desanders. Here are what you should check when you buy desanders.

1. If you have an urgent need for desanders, the deliver time is what you should think about. Generally, the deliver time is about 30 days. Sometimes the time is a little longer. If you want the seller to have a quick deliver, you can ask for it and you need pay money for the quick service.

2. If the price of the desander is high that you cannot afford, you can have a conversation with the seller. Usually, the seller will give you some discount in order to start a long business relationship. You should also cheek the number. Some stores have requirements about the number of desanders you buy. In general, the minimum number is 1. But there are some sellers ask costumers to buy more than one desanders. If you are going to buy several desanders or more, you can buy them from those stores. It is highly possible that those stores will offer you a reasonable quoted price. The more you buy, the cheaper the desander is.

3. You must check whether the desander has a certification when you are buying. The certification starts ISO which stands for international standards organization. The certification can guarantee the quality of the desander. Moreover, you should also have a look about the picture that the seller posts online. The pictures must be so clear that you can see the details. You also make efforts to know whether the pictures are original.

4. It is vital that you make a comparison about mining screen features during your purchasing. Basically, many sellers can offer the parameters of their desanders. You can compare their parameters one by one, such as the model, screen area and swirled size. When the screen is  Screen, it tells the desander is good. If the parameters of desanders fit your requirement, you can buy it. For example, you want buy a demanding plant, the coarse screen must be larger than 5mm.

5. In addition, the place you buy desanders should be included in your consideration. There are two ways: entities shops and online shops. If you live near the desander factory or entities shops, it would be the best that you go to the factories and shops to see the products. Because of the visit, you are sure the quality of desanders. Apart from the quality, you save the deliver payment. The online shops offer desanders of lower price than the entities shops because they don’t have to pay the cost of renting places and hiring salesmen. And some online shops are located in foreign countries, usually in developing countries where the cost of labor and raw material is cheaper. The problem that you buy desanders online is that the deliver time is longer.

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