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Bring You Into Drilling Fluids Solid Control Equipment

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Today, I will bring you into the world of Solid control equipment and introduce a useful assistant for you. Four aspects are concluded:

(1) What is drilling fluids solid control equipment?
Oil drilling often uses drilling fluids solid control equipment, its main purpose is to remove harmful solid phase, preserve useful solid phase, to meet the drilling industry requirements for drilling performance. The drilling fluids solid control equipment including shaker, degasser, desander, desilter, centrifuges and other components, a collection of a variety of devices.

(2) Working principle
The drilling fluids solid control equipment includes five processes: ① five purification processes. Equipment operation order: wellhead-shaker-eliminate gas-desander-centrifuge pump-purification of fluids ② heavier drilling fluid pump out increased process. Purificatory fluids - centrifugal sand pump - aggravated funnel - heavier drilling fluid. ③ Mud gun process. Relying on high-speed gun nozzle flow generated by the impact of drilling fluid tank bottom and suspended solid phase deposition, process: increased pump - mud. ④ drilling pump suction process. Purification of fluids, increasing the drilling fluids, drilling fluid chemicals added through injection wells drilling pump. ⑤ drilling fluid solid control system water process: industrial water tank - water pump-mud tank.

(3) Application and development
The drilling fluids solid control equipment is well-deserved for Solid control system, it combines the functionality of multiple devices, therefore, generally speaking this equipment is mainly used for a variety of oil drilling operations, and its various component parts split, then can be used in other areas of industrial production. However, no matter how divided, drilling fluids solid control equipment have a broad market prospect. Well drilling fluids solid control equipment performance abroad with stableness and long life have standardized device type, series and specialization, and most equipment manufacturers became world leaders due to perfect quality and performance. The drier used in drilling fluids solid control equipment, further dehydrate the separated solid particles, and recover prolapse liquid, finally drain dry particles.

With the introduction of the original technology, technological innovation until now, Chinese domestic production of drilling fluids solid control equipment has been greatly improved in terms of performance, service life, materials. More high-pressure and large displacement solids control equipment has appeared. Furthermore, the shaker is a momentous part for solid control equipment, and King cobra screen has been developed and used.

(4) Brief maintenance methods
Since drilling fluids solid control equipment is an integral part of the plurality of devices, therefore, its maintenance is focused on the following points:
① Accordance with the instructions of the content of the various parts of specialized equipment and regular maintenance.
② Equipment failure in the operation, in addition to checking each component, also need to carefully check the connection part of the individual components, watching their coordination.
③ Training equipment operator on all equipment to enable it to properly operate and maintain the equipment.

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