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Brief Introduction to the Solid Control System

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With the continuous buy solid control system development of science and technology, the type of new technology, extensive application of new technology, machinery and equipment is more complete, more complex structure, superior performance, higher buy solid control system operating skills of machinery and equipment maintenance technology requirements. Machinery and equipment on operating personnel have certain skills: faulty judgment and maintenance, along with a high degree of responsibility and professionalism.

The premise and foundation of machinery and equipment is equipment used for routine maintenance and upkeep. Equipment in the long term, different environments use, wear and tear of mechanical components, the gap increases, with changes directly affects the balance of the original equipment. Stability of the equipment, reliability, efficiency will want to use buy solid control system degree of reduction or even lead to the loss of its inherent mechanical equipment essential performance, cannot run normally. So, the device must be overhauled or replaced with new equipment, which will increase the cost of doing business, the impact of the rational allocation of corporate resources.

It must establish a scientific and effective solid control system device management mechanism; increase the intensity of the daily management of the device, combining theory with practice, maintaining a scientific and rational development of equipment, maintenance program. And the person responsible for the implementation of the system requirements and plan and do routine maintenance and repair work; regular maintenance, maintenance cases were detected and earnestly machinery operation, maintenance records. Includes the following aspects:

1. Strengthen routine solid control system maintenance of equipment, placement error protection, leakage protection

Maintenance work is required and should be enforced and corporate awards, penalty system linked enthusiasm mobilize construction workers. Does good job maintenance work? Maintenance work should be the source, in order to prevent the generation of repair VSM shaker support.

2. Strengthen the routine inspection of the equipment shall arrange for inspections should be recorded, including the daily operation of the equipment, running time, maintenance times, in order to analyze and judge the mechanical equipment failures that may occur, timely and accurate manner to eliminate hidden faults.

3. Should strengthen the management and monitoring of VSM shaker machinery and equipment

Machinery and equipment managers should grasp the situation, understand device performance, making maintenance program based on scientific and rational allocation of resources and business advantages of equipment performance, and maintenance activities, procurement management and monitoring activities to avoid unnecessary waste of money.

4. Establish a sound machinery and equipment repair and maintenance system.

Strengthening the role of device management, improve data statistical system. For machinery and equipment into and out of the case, equipment operation, and maintenance performance indicators circumstances, should be documented in solid control system detail log on, so a machine one, there are well documented.

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