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Brief Introduction to the Repair Solid Control System

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With the development of the domestic economic construction, construction machinery and equipment performance will directly affect the quality of the project, the repair solid control system project schedule and construction safety lamp. Look bidding equipment, construction rely on solid control system equipment, machinery and equipment both hardware and software, making enterprise competitiveness and corporate image lies. People management, management and maintenance of machinery and equipment maintenance is to ensure that the environment and improve the performance of the three major factors that device and that can answer repair solid control system.

Solid control system maintenance and overhaul of purpose is to understand the full status of vibrating screen, vibrating screen and to repair and replacement of damaged, wear parts ability of sieve method recovery efforts. Vibrating screen its content includes daily maintenance, preventive maintenance.

1, the vibrating screen maintenance

Vibrating screen maintenance includes sieve surface, solid control system, especially the screen surface fastening, loose vibrating screen should be timely and tighten. Regular cleaning sieve surface vibrating screen, vibrating screen for the paint falls off parts should be timely repair, degusting and painting, to bare the processing surface should be coated with industrial Vaseline to prevent rust.

2, solid control system, preventive maintenance:

Vibrating screen maintenance includes weekly inspection and monthly inspection on a regular basis.

(1) Week of vibrating screen check: check the vibrator bolt fastening the various parts of the shaker screen surface, supporting device, etc. When vibrating screen loose, it should be tighten. Check the use of the transmission device status and connection bolt locking situation, solid control system v-belts tensioning degree examination, appropriate tension when necessary. Vibrating screen check sieve, sieve must pay special attention to check on the flywheel unbalance weight fixed reliable, such as solid control system fixed rickety, sieve operation, vibrating screen unbalance weight might be out of the flywheel cause safety accidents. The import pump valve

(2) The solid control system.

Check: check the abrasion of screen surface and vibrating screen as found obvious local wear should take necessary measures, such as changing location, etc. ), and retighten screen surface. Solid control system to check the whole screen, vibrating screen is mainly to test all the main girder and beam weld, vibrating screen and look for any local crack. Test all the screen box side plate bolt, vibrating screen when found a gap or loose bolts and side plate, vibrating screen a new bolts should be replaced. All above can answer repair solid control system.

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