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Brief Introduction to Solid Control System

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How to protect Solid control system is composed of the following sections:

Hopper, solid control system, usually referred to as the "base" used as a table and the tray by vibrating screen processing fluid, also known as the "overflow" both platforms. Hopper can be according to the drilling fluid when how to protect solid control system, also known as "mud" needs sorting system. It can have different depth to hold more quantity of drilling fluid and the different port underflow returns to the mud system.

Feeder is basically by drilling a collection plate, before it is made up of vibrating screen, it can have many different shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs of the mud system. The most common feeder is called weir feeder, drilling fluid into the feed usually by pipe welded to the bottom of the feed when buy shale shaker trough near the outer walls, it fill the feed to a predetermined point and like the mud flow over a dam overflow weir and the vibrating screen (mud) screening area. Supply the method of vibrating screen is one of the most widely, due to its along the table, allowing maximum use of bed layer sieve area the entire width of the ability to use with uniform distribution of cement.

Some feeder can be equipped with the feeder; and you should know it allows the drilling fluid to bypass the sieve basket and directly into the funnel and return to the mud system and not from vibrating screen is processing on the bottom of the by-pass valve.

Sieve basket, also known as the "bed" of the solid control system r screen, it is the most important part of the machine, it is responsible for the machine's vibration intensity, in "G" measurement, while keeping the "tic" movement, even in the whole basket. It must be done, and keep screen safety, avoid cuttings bypass hopper, and allows easy operation and maintenance of the machine. Different brand and boundless must use special screen tensioning device, the rubber seal around the screen, reinforcing cage limit bending, rubber mounts, rather than the Brant screen. rubber seal deck and selective vibrator arranged different ways to meet those needs when how to protect solid control system.

Vibrating solid control system screen basket fishing mechanism must be able to change the Angle so as to adapt to the various drilling fluid flow, and maximize the use of vibrating sieve bed, this is one of the VSM shaker fishing mechanism plays an important role. Drilling fluid flows through the sieve bed are specified as two categories:

Swimming pool, which is a sieve, by drilling fluid and drilling VSM shaker cuttings suspended in most of these area.

Beach: is the fluid has been mostly from dust, they began to look like a heap of solid areas.

1. Before you use the mud mesh check mud screen cloth specifications with oil shale shaker.

2. Before using mud screen carefully check whether there is mud screen cloth mesh burst, check whether is loose.

3. The mud screen fixed on the oil solid control system, to tighten pressure. The maximum tension and pressure must not exceed 500 kg per square, or hook edge Angle will change or screen cloth is cracking deformation.

4. The screen mesh in the mud when using ban the use of metal objects or other hard objects filter surface contact, you should know lest cause filter surface damage, and can use the rubber or plastic products.

5. Remove the mud screen mesh, check no damage, please rinse off with clear water, in order to reuse.

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