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Brief Introduction to Shaker Screen Developing Trend

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Agriculture and in a lot of experiments on the use of the Shaker screen is very broad, so how to choose good vibrating screen has become a kind of knowledge, so as the procurement staff or laboratory instrument purchasing personnel how to choose good vibrating screen?

First in choosing a vibrating screen must be clear what you want to what type of vibrating screen, it is very important for items you want to filter, some people is to want to filter for food, so just need general shaker screen developing trend can meet your need. Of course, some people need to mineral on amount of vibration sieve, such as in many coal mines, the coal. After how to filter out what not coal is a science, so the invention of the screening machine is very good to solve the problems. And shaker screen is widely used in coal mine; buy the vibrating screen for laboratory need to pay attention to what? Preferred lab requires vibrating screen is very good to meet the needs of many laboratories; therefore, good shaker screen developing trend and good quality, combined with accurate screening degree is very important.

Mentioned how to choose, of course, we will be meeting and the price of vibrating screen, actually the price of a lot of vibrating screen is very stable, between different brands of vibrating screen is plain code marks a price already belong to, although there are some adverse factors on the market, of course, the whole market or in the orderly hungry, so if you want to buy good shaker screen, of course you need may be a slightly higher price, if you need the common Brandt shaker, the price may be slightly lower.

But, at the time of purchase of vibrating screen, we suggest to buy the brand good circular vibrating screen, first of all, a good brand of 518 centrifuge is more advanced in terms of quality, so basically there is no problem in use process, for many enterprises production schedule is very important, and good brand on the after-sale is also very good, this also is you consider this.

General type of vibrating screen is a key for Brandt shaker, small grain filtered raw material classification of the object. Gate type of vibrating screen is in the real use of derived shaker screen products; mostly apply in very light, very small material screening classification. Users using the gate type of vibrating screen to one-time input material for a long time for screening, by manipulating the floodgates open closed to achieve better screening classification, this kind of screening the bulk of the work used in traditional Chinese medicine powder, pollen, etc. Add edge type of vibrating screen is on the basis of the general type vibrating screen increasing material into the mouth, and through the design of unique Angle to avoid liquid shot out of the filter type screening plant, widely used in paint, water filtration, pulp filtration, etc.

Vibrating screen is used very widely, because it has the benefits of shaker screen,:

1, the technology to manufacture vibrating screen is very mature, made of the vibrating screen quality guaranteed, reliable operation;

2, screening of vibrating screen classification precision degree is high, high efficiency, suitable for use in screening of various powders, mucus or other materials;

Small 3, the design of the vibrating screen fine, long using time, noisy sound is small, can continue to work;

4, smaller size of vibrating screen, takes up less space, convenient transfer position;

5, to be able to use a lot of layers, can use 5 layers at the same time.

6, sieve net replacement is simple, convenient operation and vibrating screen is simple, easy to clean, replace the sieve net only need to use 3 to 5 minutes.

Has been widely used the advantages of vibrating screen is various, therefore, are welcome.

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