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Brief Introduction to Mobile Solid Control System

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The world's first modern oil industry was born in the village of Titusville Pennsylvania, USA. A man named George Beers Please Yale University in 1855, Professor Silliman conducted chemical analysis of the oil, and the oil can be obtained by heating the ingredients separated by distillation into several parts, each part containing carbon and hydrogen, one of which is used for emitting light of high quality oil. 1858 Beers Please brings people solid control system, 27 August 1859 to 69 feet in the drill, and finally get to the oil. Since then, the use of access to oil drilling, refining the use of kerosene distillation techniques to achieve a truly industrialized, modern oil industry was born. With the deepening of the human Petroleum Research, to the 20th century, the oil has not only become a modern society's most important energy materials, and Solid control system wide variety of products has penetrated into every corner of people's lives, to be known as the " black gold", " mobile solid control system lifeblood of modern industry "greatly promoted the process of modern human civilization.

High oil profits greatly promoted the oil exploration and exploitation activities, in addition to land-based oil exploration, but for the development of offshore oil resources are also deepening. Offshore oil exploration and development of more than 100 years of history.

In 1897, on the beach in California Summer land tidal zone 76.2 meters long first set up a gallows, on top of the drilling rig, which is the world's first mouthful of offshore drilling. 1920 Venezuela ride a wooden mobile solid control system platform drilling system. In 1936 the United States in order to develop a continuation of the Gulf onshore, offshore oil drilling success of the first port and the construction of a wooden structure production platform, two years later, in 1938, successfully developed the world's first marine oil. After World War II, a wooden structure steel frame platform to platform.

1964-1966 United Kingdom, Norway, at a depth of over 100 meters, a height of 30 meters, you should know the highest wind speed 160 km / h, the temperature to minus and ice under harsh conditions, the successful development of the North Sea oil fields. It marks sand pump the offshore oil field development technology has matured. Currently there are over 80 countries in the offshore oil business, mobile solid control system crude oil production accounted for about 30 % of world oil production. 1897, next to the world's first offshore drilling bite Americans in the same place Williams built a trestle with a vertical coast, rigs, drilling derrick, etc. on top. Because the bridge is connected with the land, supplies are much more convenient. In addition, the rig can freely float on the bridge, so the bridge can be played in a lot of wells.

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