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Brief Introduction to Maintain Solid Control System

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Details of the drilling fluid Solid control system in the use of the welding operation

Normally, solid control system is not allowed in the field to the level of mud drilling fluid. And solid control system screen box of solids regulator equipment and any auxiliary parts for welding, mainly in order to prevent welding caused by internal stress, must, when welding shall be carried out by skilled professional operation personnel.

Drilling mud maintains solid control system is in strict accordance with the following steps when welding proposal:

1, in order to prevent the crack extension, solid control system in the each side of the crack is of 6 mm diameter holes.

2, with round shovel shoveled groove along the crack on both sides.

3, first preheating around 60 ℃, with 3 mm diameter of electrode, and prevent any slag and bite of meat.

4, smooth on both sides of the raised welding meat, reinforcement plate welding.> 5, if you need to screen surface bracket beam welding, all welds shall be parallel to the beam, horizontal welding.

Around 7 flames cutting, cutting surface also can produce stress; therefore, suggest any additional shear pump should be on the screen box to drill into.

Drilling mud solid control system installation screen mesh point:

1, replacing woven mesh, shall ensure that the drilling fluid solid control system screen box there is an equal space between the hooks on both sides of the plate and sieve, to tighten the middle pressure flat steel, pull tight plate at the same time maintain a uniform mesh surface tension, slight tapping with a hammer along the full length, check the tension. If the contact is bad, tension is not enough or not divides evenly, is one of the important reasons for the premature screen damage.

2, in the weaving bracket between drilling mud solid control system sieve and sieve, unarmed with special damping elastic strip. In order to make the awning to achieve the longest package life and should make the rubber strip properly position in between, found damaged damping rubber strip should be replaced in a timely manner.

After the introduction above, I hope you can have a better understand of shale shaker and for the new that has no idea about shale shaker, we suggest you to learn the basic idea from wiki or other article that may illustrate the details better. And as for the question maintain solid control system, we are happily to say that the message above cover most of the notice and you need to read it once more if you still have no idea maintain solid control system.

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