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Brief Introduction to History of Shale Shaker

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The history of shale shaker comes into exist in 500 years ago. During the 16th century in western countries into the Renaissance era, shale shaker in the field of engineering inventions have mushroomed, vibrating screen manufacturing unprecedented development. In 1680, the Dutch physicist Christiun Huygens invented pneumatic piston movement. Thomas Savery made the use of steam water vibrating screen. The British Homas Newcomen completed the steam pressure machine manufacturing. Finally by watt invented the steam engine.

After the Second World War, with the birth and development of the first generation of computers, intelligent and automation to promote the development of the vibrating screen, vibrating screen engineering and organic combination of many disciplines, cross promote engineering the rapid development of vibrating screen. Mankind started the history of shale shaker.

The drilling fluid and mud, it has played a key role in the drilling process. It all away cuttings, because they are by drilling, and also help cool bit, in order to reduce the risk of overheating. Derrick shaker is designed to remove the rock cuttings from the drilling mud and other solid materials, so that it can be safely used in repeated over and over again. Shale shaker is usually as a larger mud removal system, the system helps to keep drilling mud freedom not only solid, but also do not need to part of gases and other pollutants.

To understand the working principle of derrick shaker , it is helpful to understand how it and other parts in the process of drilling. Drilling fluid, it is made of water, oil and chemical manufacturing, collected in a storage pits or drum above the ground. Once at the beginning of the drilling, the fluid moving down through the hole of cable and through the drill holes into the hole. From here it flush backup both sides of the hole, carrying pillar particles and additional debris back to the surface. Once the mud reaches the surface, it will run towards the back storage pit reuse.

In drilling engineering, once establishing in the mud purification system and the mud flows directly out of the hole and into the vibrating screen. The derrick shaker by a vibrating plate lined with metal wire mesh. A rock solid material such as reservation is at the top of the screen, and the liquid.

Sieve selection is the key to the success of solid materials. On the screen whole size should work with each of the inner whole size is out of the rock. It is also important to screen select corrosion resistant materials, such as galvanized steel, in extreme conditions of drilling site. Many projects including multiple shale bottles must be cleaned, drilling mud and refined layers.

Derrick shaker offers many benefits, drilling companies. These organizations help disregard drilling fluid, so that it can be reused over and over again. If it were not for the boundless, sundry mud it might damage the drill bit and suspend operation. Repeated use will help to save the limited resources of the drilling fluid, and also reduce the cost of drilling equipment. Finally, shale shaker can easily catch rocks and contamination oil, so they can in an environmentally friendly way to deal with other solid.?

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